Chemical Inventory Requirements

The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), (29 CFR 1910.1200) was published in the Federal Register on November 25, 1983. The HCS causes a downstream flow of information from the chemical manufacturer, importer, and distributor of products containing hazardous chemicals. Employers are responsible for protecting their employees from all hazardous chemicals known to be present including those brought on site by contractors.

In addition, the Community Right-To-Know Act known as SARA Title III of 1986 requires facilities to prepare and have available lists of “hazardous chemicals” and associated material safety data sheets (MSDS). Substances exceeding the established threshold planning quantities (from 10,000 pounds to 1 pound) must be reported to certain regulatory agencies. In order to comply with these regulations and avoid certain probable legal liabilities, The University of Akron must establish “Chemical Inventories” and update them periodically.

Exceptions to the rules include:

  • Tobacco or tobacco products
  • Wood or wood products
  • Foods, drugs, or cosmetics intended for personal use or alcoholic beverages
  • Consumer products used in the work place similar to “normal” use such as paints and household products
  • Any substance used similar to the way it is used in routine agricultural operations (pesticides, herbicides)

The University of Akron, as an employer, must provide information to pertinent employees about the hazardous chemicals to which they are exposed. This applies to any chemical that is known to be present in the workplace in such a manner that employees may be exposed to it under normal conditions of use. Information to be provided includes correctly spelled chemical names (read from the container or catalog), the chemical abstract service code number (CAS) and the associated MSDS if it is not in the database already. The MSDS can be obtained from the manufacturer or from the web.

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (EOHS) will conduct the required training if individual departments schedule training sessions for personnel in that area. EOHS has established a database accessible through the web of chemical inventories by building and room and their associated MSDS. Each researcher can now update or search for chemicals and MSDS from the computer terminal in the lab or office. Please request a login for the hazardous materials database to view/update inventory.

Graduate students, faculty, Stockroom personnel, and Shop supervisors of departments or colleges listed below:

Major Chemical Users: Minor Chemical Users
Physical Facilities Chemistry Printing Services
Institute of Polymer Science Biology Electronic Systems
Polymer Engineering Geology Ocasek Natatorium
Biomedical Engineering Physics Grounds Maintenance
Chemical Engineering Media Productions School of Art
Science & Technology