Fire Evacuation

ORC §3737.63 states:

"The owner, operator, or lessee, an employee of any owner, operator, or lessee, an occupant, and any person in direct control of any building regulated under the Ohio Building Code, upon the discovery of an unfriendly fire, or upon receiving information that there is an unfriendly fire on the premises, shall immediately, and with all reasonable dispatch and diligence, call or otherwise notify the fire department concerning the fire, and shall spread an alarm immediately to all occupants of the building."

What the Ohio Revised Code is telling us is that if we discover a fire, cause or create a fire accidentally, or receive information pertaining to a fire, we are to sound the fire alarm and call 911 or 7123 to notify the University of Akron Police dispatch of the fire. If calling from a cell phone or any non-University phone, dial (330) 972-7123.

Emergency phones across campus go directly to our police dispatch center. Most of our file alarms are tied directly into dispatch but, if possible, we also recommend a phone call.

If you are the person that has information concerning the fire, smoke, or emergency situation, please wait outside the building for the first arriving Police or Safety officers and let them know you have information concerning the call. Please do not leave the scene. Your information can be essential in assisting emergency services to handle the call safely.

The University of Akron has a policy which states:

"When the fire alarm sounds, all occupants must leave the building and must move at least 50 feet away. They will not return to the building until an "All Clear" is received from a Police or Safety Officer." This policy was adopted for YOUR safety, health and well being.

Please keep in mind that once the Fire Department arrives, they have complete and total control over the building and the situation until they relinquish that control. Anyone interfering with the operations of the fire service can be arrested.

First: Try to remain calm. Do not panic. Panic can cloud your judgment.

Second: Take your keys. Pick up your coat if you need it. Lock your door.

Third: Do not run and do not panic. Walk calmly to the exits.

Fourth: Stay outside until you receive instructions to return.

If you have a critical processes running (e.g., lab experiments), animals to be fed, or other items that need attention, please contact UAPD or EOHS and we will assist you.

Evacuations can be minutes or may extend into days. Your Safety forces are here to help in any manner possible. If you have a problem, please contact us.

The key to safely evacuating a building during fire alarm activation is knowing your exits and being able to change course, if necessary, to reach the outside of the building.