Fire Training

The Department of EOHS, Division of Fire, offers any type of fire safety training you need.

The most popular training courses are:

Fire Extinguisher
Holiday Safety
Office Safety
Fire Safety While Traveling
Fire Safety at Home

We can provide hands-on fire extinguisher training which includes:

  • Explaining the different types of fire extinguishers
  • How to use each type of extinguisher
  • How to select the proper extinguisher
  • Hands-on field training for extinguishing a fire with an extinguisher

Holiday Safety training includes:

  • Safe decorations
  • Campus policy on holiday decorations
  • Use of candles and other open flame decorative materials

Office Safety training includes:

  • How to maintain a fire-safe office environment
  • What to do in the event of a fire

Fire Safety While Traveling training includes:

  • What to look for in hotels
  • What to look for in restaurants
  • What to look for in places of assembly

Fire Safety at Home training includes:

  • How to select and place smoke detectors
  • How to teach your family about fire safety
  • How to inspect your own home for fire hazards