In Case of Fire

A fire can start anywhere at anytime. EOHS encourages everyone to stop and think "What would I do if there was a fire right now?" "Would I be able to find the exits?"

Upon discovery of a fire:

  1. Go quickly to the nearest fire alarm pull station and sound the alarm. pullstation
  2. Immediately use the closest exit or stairway to evacuate the building and report to your building's assigned evacuation rally point.
  3. Once you have exited the building, contact UAPD dispatch at 911 or 7123 from a University phone, or (330) 972-7123 from your non-University phone (e.g., cell or pay phone).
  4. Go to an officer and give them any information concerning the fire that you have available (e.g., location (the room number, if possible), location of any people that may be trapped in the building, and how the fire started).

NEVER ATTEMPT TO FIGHT A FIRE ON YOUR OWN! Always sound the alarm to alert other occupants of the fire and leave the building in a safe manner.

When the fire alarm sounds in any building at The University of Akron, all persons (including Faculty, Staff, Students and UA visitors) will, with all promptness, evacuate the building. All fire alarms will be treated as an emergency. People may be assigned to close windows, secure experiments, monies, rooms, and other valuable items and to close doors, unless they are in the immediate area of a fire.

Everyone leaving the building will move away from the structure as to not interfere with the egress of others or the arriving emergency personnel. Distance will be at least fifty (50) feet from the building. Everyone will wait outside until the "All Clear" is given by a police, safety, or fire official.

Once the fire alarm has started to sound, evacuate the building, even if the fire alarm stops! All fire alarms are not alike. Some may sound continuously while others stop after several minutes. The alarm signal stopping does not mean that the emergency is over. Often, we need to stop the alarm in order to communicate over the radios. Do not wait to determine if there is a working fire before starting building evacuation.

ALL FIRES MUST BE REPORTED to UAPD regardless of the size or nature of origin.