Juan Xi, Ph.D.

Juan Xi, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor
Dept/Program: Sociology
Office: Olin 252
Phone: 330-972-7995
Email: jx@uakron.edu
Curriculum Vitae: Download in PDF format


I received my Ph.D. in Medical Sociology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 2006. I worked as a Bio-statistician in the Medical School of UAB from 2007-2008. I joined the University of Akron faculty in 2008.

Currently, my research focuses on a deeper understanding of mental well-being and how to enhance mental well-being among college students. In one of my recent projects, I have 146 undergraduate students participated in an experimental study on the effect of mindfulness meditation. In another project concerning college students’ mental health, I have involved my undergraduate research methods class in designing questionnaire and analyzing survey data.

My long-term goal is continuing my research on mental well-being and finding ways to enhance my students’ well-being in classrooms and research projects. I am interested in further transforming my teaching into an experiential learning process. I discovered that the benefit of the whole-person experiential learning goes way beyond effective learning. It is also central to students’ well-being as they learn to follow the intelligence of their heart and hands. It is also good for my own well-being.


Current Research Interests

Mental health and well-being; mental health among college students; holistic medicine and medical care; health, and health behavior

External Sponsored Research Support

2017 Juan Xi and Matthew T. Lee. Funded. “Tackling the Epidemiological Paradox: The Effect of Health-Related Asian Cultural Practice in Improving Physical and Mental Wellbeing among the Asian Population in the Akron Area.” Tian-Zhu Charity Foundation, Hong Kong. $30,000

Where publications appear

  • Social Science & Medicine
  • Journal of Humanistic Psychology
  • Society and Mental Health
  • Social Science Research
  • Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
  • Medical Care
  • Social Indicators Research
  • International Journal of Obesity


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Ph.D. Medical Sociology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2006


3850 100 Introduction to Sociology (Lecture and online)

3850 301 Methods of Social Research I (Lecture and online)

3850 302 Methods of Social Research II (Lecture)

3850 321 Population, Environment, and Health (Lecture)