Central Application Service for Communication Science and Disorders (CSDCAS):

All students must submit applications through CSDCAS, in addition to the University of Akron application, in order to be considered for admission to our program 

Application Portal: https://portal.csdcas.org (may also be accessed from the main CSDCAS website). The CSDCAS application will be available beginning August 2nd of each year.

CSDCAS contact information:  CSDCAS Customer Service information.  Customer Service is available Monday thru Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST.

Phone – (617) 612-2030
E-Mail – csdcassinfo@csdcas.org

All official transcripts MUST be sent to CSDCAS at the address below:

CSDCAS Verification Department
P.O. Box 9113
Watertown, MA  02471

  • Please carefully read the instructions for the application. Also read the "FAQ" section for answers to questions regarding the CSDCAS application process.
  • Please note the information regarding speed of processing applications and due dates.
  • Our program requires that the application be VERIFIED by our deadline of 12/15 of each calendar year. This means that your application has been processed and your GPA has been calculated by CSDCAS. Applicants must have their application verified (GPA calculation completed) by the deadline date posted. To ensure that the application is verified on time, applications must be completed (e-submitted, payment received, and transcripts received  at least four weeks in advance of the deadline. Please do not wait until the end of fall semester to submit your transcripts to CSDCAS. Additionally, do not ask your university to hold your transcript request until your fall transcripts are posted. In either case, your application will not be verified on time, and it will not be considered by the Application Committee. In order for your application to be processed and verified by the deadline (12/15), you should send CSDCAS your Fall transcripts through an Academic UpdateCSDCAS will send us any updates of transcripts, GPA, and letters of recommendation received after this date.
  • It is each applicant’s responsibility to meet the deadline requirements.  If an applicant does not meet the CSDCAS application verification deadline, he/she will not be considered for admission.