Leave a Legacy at UA in
Fraternity & Sorority Life

A UA Tradition since 1873…

Our community is home to over 750 members14 fraternities and 6 sororities. Surely there is a home in our community for you too! Each chapter is made up of diverse members with countless majors, interests and hobbies, who are committed to scholarship, leadership civic responsibility, and community.

Fraternity or sorority membership will help you make the most out of your UA experience and prepare you for your experiences beyond graduation!

Members Agree That the Fraternity & Sorority Experience at UA...

“has contributed to my academic success” — 93.8%

“has encouraged me to adopt a healthy lifestyle”  93.3%

“has contributed to my commitment to service”  93.9%

“has increased values and respect for those who are different from me”  96.9%

“has enhanced my ability to think critically” 92.1%

“has enhanced my ability to transfer social skills to other settings”  97%

In spring 2015 the FSL community perticipated on the EBI/AFA Assessment. The above data reflects repspondents answers.

Our Mission

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life engages students in diverse learning experiences through co-curricular involvement that fosters personal and organizational development. We advocate for the fraternal movement by educating, advising and empowering fraternity and sorority members to live in accordance with the values of their organization and our community. 
Scholarship . Leadership. Civic Responsibility. Community.

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