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Advisors Resources

The SOuRCe offers a variety of programs geared at helping you serve as a mentor and advocate for your organization. These programs are offered throughout the semester and cover various topics relevant to being a Campus Advisor.

Every organization at The University of Akron must have an active Campus Advisor. In order to qualify to be the Campus Advisor, the individual must be a full-time faculty or contract professional at The University of Akron.

The role of a Campus Advisor is one which we hope you will enjoy as an extension of your position or expertise. The primary role of an advisor is as a:

  • Listener
  • Historian
  • Policy Interpreter
  • Mediator
  • Advocate
  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Motivator
  • Financial Advisor

Wondering what it means to be a "good" Campus Advisor?

We encourage you to utilize your own leadership style and incorporate this into your chosen advisory style. Successful advisors take care of the people in the organization and their needs, as well as maintain a concern for the organization's purpose and tasks. Be yourself. Your best advising style will be your own style. In the end, the most effective method of teaching outside the classroom comes through modeling behavior. Let the students get to know you and your expectations, and let them see your sincere concern for them. The rest will come naturally.          

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