Timeline for Marketing

From Submitting the Marketing Request to Displaying the Material on Campus.

Submit your request 25+ business days ahead of event to ensure quality and effective marketing and adequate display time around campus.

Marketing Request Timeline

Tips for Effective Request

  • Include everything in your marketing request. (Especially important if you already have a vision in mind.)
  • Email a Word Document or PDF w/ text, words, formatting preferences, etc. along with the request.
  • Request to meet with a Designer if needed.
  • Respond to the designer's drafts in a timely manner.
  • For printed materials, talk to the printing company to find out size, file type needed, and other pertinent information.
  • Plan ahead. Determine how long you want your marketing materials displayed.
  • Proof read your text. Before submission and during proof process.
  • PDF Comments in proofs are a PLUS
  • Print ONE copy first to proof before printing ALL posters
  • Please let us know when your project is COMPLETE.