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Use this page as a resource to guide your first steps in The University of Akron's new curriculum proposal system.

Log-In to the Curriculum Inventory Management Tool

First, you will probably want to log into the system and make some edits. Below are links to begin working with either Course pages or Program pages. Please note these are separate log-ins, specific to course pages or program pages.

Curriculum Inventory Management Job Aids

As you complete a proposal, reference the Job Aids, maybe open them in a separate monitor. Each job aid contains definitions, usage explanations, and examples for each question asked in a proposal.

For example, Type of Change (Major or Minor) is the first question of the Program Edit form. The below screen shot is from the Program Add job aid and we see Usage helps us answer the question by explaining the distinction between a Substantial or Minor change.

landing page image01

Course Proposals

Program Proposals

Create CIM Tables

New for many Program editors are the tasks of adding either the Plan of Study Grid or Course Listing tables. While much of the heavy-lifting is already done by the new system, we do need editors to add content to the tables. The following two job aids will help you complete these tasks.

Approve Proposals

Best Practices

Elements of a Proposal (pdf)


If you would like to send a question or a comment, please use as the email is routed directly to the Curriculum Support team and will get you the quickest response.

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Contact us...

CIM Support:

HelpDesk Email:

Administrative Systems Trainer

Dean Shultz

Phone: 330-972-8271


General Course Information...

  • Pre-Requisites: Listed pre-requisites are recommended. Not completing a pre-requisite will not prevent you from taking a course.
  • Audio: All online courses contain audio. Consider headphones and check PC speaker level before playing.

  • Resuming a Tutorial: You can resume a tutorial later, from the same PC. The player will prompt you to resume from the last completed slide.

  • Certificate Issuance: On passing a quiz, you will have the opportunity to print a certificate. This is only for your personal records and not necessary to demonstrate successful completion of the seminar.

  • Quizzes and Security: For tutorials required to grant security access, you must score at least an 80% on the quiz to pass. You may use your notes, training manual, job aids, etc. You can repeat the quiz as many times as necessary.

  • Surveys for Security Access: We track your tutorial completion using a survey. To demonstrate tutorial completion for purposes of security access you must complete a survey. If a tutorial contains a quiz, first click the Finish button after printing the certificate of completion, then you will be taken to the survey.