1. Check Payee Name
    Checks must be payable to the UAF or to the UAF account name. Any check made payable to the UA must be deposited in an appropriate UA account.
  2. Contributions to be Sent to Department of Development
    Contributions to UAF and UA must be sent to the Department of Development. The Department of Development will assign the gift to the appropriate account. 
    Mailing Address 
    The University of Akron 
    Annual Giving Program 
    Department of Development 
    Akron, OH 44325-2603
  3. Deposit Schedule 
    Funds other than contributions must be sent to the Treasurer’s Office along with a completed UAF Deposit Form. All cash received will be deposited daily. Checks must be deposited as soon as practical, but in all events within one week from the date of receipt. Furthermore, checks must be deposited as soon as all checks held for later deposit at any given time exceed $5,000.
  4. Checks Combining Gifts and UAF Event Proceeds 
    Checks which combine gifts with UAF event proceeds should be sent to the Department of Development, which is responsible for logging and documenting the gift portion.