Debra Andulics Debra Andulics

Debra was laid off and couldn't find a job. Even though she had an associate's degree in art, she did not know the software her current field now required. She knew she had to go back and get her bachelor's degree in graphic design. Financially, it has been a struggle and she is now in her senior year because of the help of the Osher Scholarship. She has made the Dean's list every semester. Debra is very grateful for all the assistance she has received.
Tracey Bowman

Tracey Bowman

Tracey is a wife and mother to four wonderful young adult children. For the past 16 years, she has been employed by Akron Public Schools as a cafeteria manager. One day it hit her that she wanted to be an Intervention Specialist. She is the main financial contributor of her family and things have been very difficult for them over the past several years. The financial burden has been eased thanks to this wonderful opportunity that has been given to her by the Osher Foundation and she is extremely grateful.

Suzanne Capron Suzanne Capron

Suzanne hopes to graduate with a bachelor's degree in communications/public relations in December 2013. She is a single mom of an 11 year old daughter who has been her inspiration for going back to school. She is currently a banquet coordinator and hopes to stay in the same area of work only on a larger scale. she is very thankful for the Osher Scholarship. She appreciates the financial help she has received as well as the help from family and friends to make this dream a reality.
Kriston Cline Kriston Cline

He is seeking a degree in electronic engineering technology. He had been away from higher education for 13 years and was very intimidated and apprehensive at the beginning. He hopes other adults students will use all of the resources available to them, as he did. He has been on the Dean's list for four consecutive semesters. He is building a better future for his family and wants to be a positive role model for his children. This scholarship has helped him financially and he thanks the Osher Foundation.
Maria Dixon

Maria Dixon

Maria had worked in home care for over seven years with no degree. After being laid off, she decided to enroll at The University of Akron in social work. As a peer mentor, she has worked with the nontraditional population in UA Adult Focus. She has been on the Dean's list every semester, and as an honor student, she plans to complete her honor's project in gerontology. Maria is very thankful to have received the Osher Reentry Scholarship. 

Tirzah Harper

Tirzah Harper

She is seeking a degree in accounting. It took her a decade to return to school after she dropped out. Tirzah is motivated to learn and excel because she knows how much she wants this now. This scholarship has allowed her to look toward her future with much less debt accrued. Tirzah can focus on her courses. She is thankful to UA Adult Focus and the Osher Foundation for their support.

Michelle Heishman-Beaton Michelle Heishman-Beaton

Michelle was not afforded the opportunity to attend college after high school. With the support of her husband and eight children, she enrolled in the respiratory therapy program and has been completing the prerequisite courses for the master's degree program in health sciences. Her family has adjusted and she couldn't be happier. Without the assistance of the Osher Foundation Reentry Scholarship, her husband would still be working around the clock to fill in the gap where her financial aid was lacking.  
Diane Hixson Diane Hixson

Diane returned to college in an effort to update her skills and obtain a bachelor's degree in the area of respiratory therapy and a minor in sociology. Being on the Dean's list and a member of two honor societies, she has found the return to campus both a refreshing and fulfilling experience for growth. As an Osher recipient, the gift has given her hope for a productive future. She expresses her heartfelt appreciation for the scholarship assistance.
Sean Holvey Sean Holvey

Sean plans on graduating from the College of Nursing and would like to continue in the graduate program to become a nurse anethetist. He wants to be a positive role model for his daughters. He continues to be on the Dean's list every semester. This is Sean's second year of receiving this scholarship and it has allowed him to focus on his studies and family and his is very grateful. 
Carita Keim Carita Keim

After working in private Mennonite schools for seven years, Carita decided to return to school for more in-depth work in English and History. She teaches these classes part-time while attending school. She is particularly interested in essay writing, modern poetry and sonnet form, as well as post-Renaissance Europe. She would like to thank the Osher Foundation for giving her the enriching experience of teaching and attending school at the same time.
Nicole Laramee-Dannery Nicole Laramee-Dannery

She is currently pursuing a degree as an Intervention Specialist. Her career goal is to help students with special needs reach their full potential. After experiencing a layoff in her previous position, she decided to fulfill her dream. Her two young children have been her constant source of inspiration and motivation since the start of her college journey. For Nicole, being the recipient of the Osher Scholarship is both an honor and a privilege, and makes all the hard work worthwhile.
Agne Laramore Agne Laramore

Agne completed three years of college in Lithuania before coming to the U.S. where she got married, became a U.S. citizen, but never graduated from college. She is now working towards a degree in nursing. Because English is her second language, she is on a slower pace. She was recently diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder which is very painful. They are relying only on her husband's income which has been difficult. This is her second year to receive this scholarship and she is very thankful.
Pavel Lizhnyak Pavel Lizhnyak

Pavel is a psychology/pre-med student with a minor in chemistry. Upon graduation, he wants to go into graduate studies in neurosciences on the Ph.D track. His goal is to teach at a university level and conduct research. He is very grateful to his wife for her emotional and financial support when he left the workforce. The Osher Scholarship has helped him to maintain a 4.0 GPA and focus on school.
Paul Malone Paul Malone

After being away from school for years, Paul finally decided to come back to pursue a bachelor's degree in social work with a minor in psychology. His ultimate goal is to get a master's degree in social work. He plans to pursue a career in the mental health field where he feels his life experiences will allow him to make a difference in someone's life. The assistance of the Osher Scholarship has allowed him to focus on his schoolwork rather than finances and with hard work, anything is possible.
Leslie McCalister Leslie McCalister

Leslie is currently pursuing a degree in social work. She has an AAS in community services technology and changed to social work because she not only wants to help people with addictions but with struggles in everyday life. She has four children that she cherishes and works at the Interval Bortherhood Home as a residential supervisor working with women in a residential setting. She went through drug addiction treatment and has been sober for 17 years. Leslie is very grateful to have received this scholarship.
Joe Meister Joseph Meister

Joseph did not feel that going onto college was the right thing for him right from high school. One of the first classes he took was the adult Student Success Seminar class. This class helped him transition from an adult worker to an adult student. He plans to graduate with a degree in exercise science and continue to graduate school for a degree in physical therapy. This is his third year of receiving the Osher Scholarship. He is thankful for this scholarship because it has helped him to continue with his goal.
Jason Miller Jason Miller

Jason is a first-generation college student and getting a degree is something that he has wanted for a long time. He found it difficult his to juggle a job and his school work and receiving this scholarship has helped him to maintain a higher grade point average. He has an associate degree in paralegal studies and is currently working toward his bachelor’s degree in business and organizational communication with a focus in public relations. He is very thankful to the Osher Foundation.
Jarrod Raber Jarrod Raber

Jarrod was encouraged to go back to school by a pharmacist he worked with to pursue a degree in accounting in 2007. After being in school for five years, he is on target to graduate in May 2013. He cannot wait for the day he has his diploma in his hand. This is Jarrod's second year of receiving the Osher Scholarship and he is very thankful to the Osher Foundation for helping make his goal of getting his degree a reality.
Melody Sherard-Redman Melody Sherard-Redman

She is pursuing a degree in sociology. Melody feels that she will be employable and able to successfully support her children as they step into the future. She is recently the widowed mother of four children. Her oldest is entering graduate school, while one is working on an undergraduate degree, and the other two she is still home schooling. She is very grateful for the Osher Scholarship.
Jason Short Jason Short

Jason is pursuing a degree in secondary mathematics education. After having been employed in labor intensive jobs for a large portion of his life, he decided to return to school. He has the opportunity, after graduation, to find employment as an AYA Mathematics teacher near his home. The support of his wife and children have been a key component in making his education possible. As a third year recipient of the Osher scholarship, he feels indebted to the Osher Foundation.
Marie Westmeyer Marie Westmeyer

Marie is a full-time adult student in the College of Nursing and a single parent raising a teenager. She is a student representative to the Technology Committee for the College of Nursing, member of the Student Nurse Association, the Seculiar Students Alliance, and an avid  knitter. She feels privileged to have received the Osher Scholarship. The financial support has allowed her to concentrate on school and family and work towards being more employable after graduation.
UPDATE:  Graduated in Spring 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.