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We are an academic support service for adult learners. An adult learner is any student who satisfies one of the following conditions:

Considering returning to complete your degree?

Welcome! If you have been out of school for a while, we are committed to making it easy for you to return. We can help with Academic and Financial decision making.

  • 23 years old or older
  • Assumes multiple life roles such as a parent, spouse/partner, employee, caregiver and student
  • Returns to school after two or more years of employment, homemaking, or other activity. Checklist.
  • Veteran of the armed services

Any student, regardless of age, whose primary life roles and responsibilities exist independent of the University and take precedence over the role of student in times of crisis or stress is considered to be an adult student.

What we offer you.

  • Pre-admission advising for new adult and veteran students
  • Primary resource and contact for returning students
  • Adult-oriented services, programs, and an online orientation
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Prompt and accurate information, in-person and via electronic media
  • A friendly staff and convenient office hours
  • A computer lab and quiet study lounge

Helping adults ace college

Adult Focus has one goal: To make it easy for adults to enroll and succeed at UA. Hear from some of our students success stories.

For Marisa Peterson, a mom of two and a future engineer, Adult Focus helped her re-enroll and get off to a good start. "Without Adult Focus, I wouldn’t have come back to college because I wouldn’t have known where to start.” 

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With Adult Focus' help, Darcius Lintont re-enrolls after 23 years away and graduates as his six kids look on. For those who aren’t going back and believe that they can’t go back, all you have to do is apply yourself, but apply yourself knowing life is going to happen outside of the classroom, said the student, Darcius Linton. There’s nothing you can do to control that. Control what you can control, budget where you can and let life take its own course.

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UA Resources to help you succeed

Survival Kit

Visit the counseling center's page and look for the Survival Kit for a variety of helpful educational skills seminars.

Center for Experiential Learning or EX[L]

There are PAID internship opportunities for all students. Check out the EX[L] website and its internship page.

Career Services

UA's Career Services offers many opportunities for you to gain experience and prepare for your career during your time at UA.

Get help with math

Our College Access Bridge Program  helps you to strengthen or refamiliarize yourself with math skills. Learn more.

Scholarship opportunities for undergraduate adult students

Adult students — generally considered those age 25 and older — have several scholarship opportunities available through UA’s Adult Focus office. Learn more.