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Summer 2022

Topic Submissions  Spreadsheet of topic submission status available at /uc/documents/documents-of-interest/TS status spreadsheet for web.xlsx
Spring 2020 Professional Development Courses Instructor-led and on-demand training opportunities are available at The LinkedIn Learning Pilot will provide professional development courses.   An IT Trainer was hired in April 2019 (IT Training Team was cut in 2015).
Fall 2019 Faculty/Staff Parking The Parking Services Director recommends making no changes to the existing parking lot designations or campus loop route at this time. Parking and Transportation Services monitors parking lot availability and weighs rider feedback, making adjustments to the shuttle route when warranted and feasible, and will continue to do so during the winter months. Any changes to the shuttle route should be driven by this normal process and indicated by the data under review.
Fall 2019 Speeding in and around Lot 6 and Vine Street New speed bumps have been acquired.  The new installation will feature an improved design that should function better for removal and replacement before and after the snow plowing season.
Fall 2019 Student Recreation and Wellness Services Accommodations for 60+

The SRWS Director shared the concern with the staff so it can be followed up with the trainers.  All of the group exercise instructors and personal trainers are required to have and maintain national certification in their specific disciplines. These trainings, as well as our in house training, include modification techniques of exercises. Modifications go beyond age to be broader in scope to include mobility impairments which can affect all ages.  SRWS provides two inclusive changing rooms and adjoining lockers. During lunch times we have shortened classes to be more accommodating to those looking to participate over the lunch hour.

Fall 2019 Wellness Incentive Program The cost of a stand-alone incentive program is cost prohibitive in terms of staff time and financial backing.  Both the Recreation and Wellness Committee and the Talent Development and HR Committee are committed to updating the Wellness Resources website and the dissemination of information about available Wellness Resources on campus on a regular basis.
Spring 2019 Computer Kiosks All computer kiosks located in public areas of university buildings must require users to log-in with university approval credentials, with the exception of the public open access computer kiosks in Bierce Library and the Science & Technology Library.
Spring 2019 Food Pantry

Campus Cupboards are available in the Jean Hower Taber Student Union, Polsky CAST Advising, Simmons Hall Lobby (ZipAssist).  Marketing displays and flyers have been developed.

Spring 2019 Free Speech

The Use of Campus Spaces by Outside Groups policy is posted in the Digest when appropriate.

Spring 2019 Nursing Mother's Locations

There are three nursing mother’s locations in the School of Law, Student Recreation and Wellness Center and Shrank Hall South.  Capitol Planning and Facilities Management will add locations where appropriate to future building renovations.

Spring 2019 Sick Leave Bank

A voluntary Leave Bank Program was implemented in July 2019.  The Leave Bank Program allows a donor to contribute accrued sick leave to the Bank and a recipient to use donated leave hours from the Bank.

Spring 2019 Support Pollinators

A trial pollinator garden will be established on the former site of Gallucci Hall in Spring 2020.

Spring 2010 Web Accessibility

UA has a large and complicated web presence and we are focusing on continuous improvement, making accessibility part of our ongoing work.

Fall 2018 Renewable Energy

25% of UA’s electricity will come from green sources.

Fall 2018 Food Pantry

A Pop-up Food Pantry was established in the Jean Hower Taber Student Union. 

Spring 2018 Age Friendly University UA is listed on the Age Friendly University Global Network website. 
Spring 2018 Retention of At-Risk Students The Student Engagement and Success Committee  provided information regarding the institutional use of data analytics for retention of at-risk students.  Tower Insights (which works in tandem with Oracle Analytics existing on campus) is expected to be implemented in Spring 2019. 
Spring 2018 University Achievement Awards The University of Akron Achievement Awards are an annual set of awards given to faculty, staff, and contract professionals. These achievement awards recognize contributions in teaching, research, mentoring students, supporting the student experience, community engagement, service and commitment to diversity.  The UC Awards Committee will serve as the body that selects the award recipients.  The recipients will be recognized at an annual event in April/May.
Fall 2017 Age Friendly University President Wilson recommended adoption of the initiative.
Fall 2017 Organic Waste Recycling Improved environmental stewardship and reestablishment of a food-scrap recycling program at Robertson Dining Hall to meet student expectations (USG legislation calling for a reduction in University food waste).
Fall 2017 Water Fountains UA has updated standards with applicable for replacing water fountains with water bottle style fountains.
Spring 2017 Food Pantry Created the Akron Street Card, a guide to community resources including food assistance, meal sites, medical information, as well as home and health care.  The information is also available on the Campus Wellness website.
Spring 2017 Mobile Application Redesign Consultations will be held with Purchasing and the VP of Finance and Administration to determine feasibility of moving forward.
Spring 2017 Strategic Planning and Budgeting Process President Wilson recommended adoption and implementation of this process.
Spring 2017 Zipmail (e-newsletter for students) University Communications and Marketing made changes to Zipmail to make it work better on mobile devices.
Fall 2016 Principal Investigator (PI) IDC Funds The PI - IDC carryover amounts were fully released to the Principal Investigators by December 23, 2016.
Spring 2016 Tobacco Free Policy
The University became a tobacco- and  nicotine-free campus on July 1, 2017.
Spring 2016 University Capital Request University Council endorsed the capitol request that was submitted to the Ohio Board of Regents.
Fall 2015 Fee Remission for Part-time Staff Dependents Rule 3359-26-02 was revised on August 16, 2016 to permit part-time staff members the ability to transfer their unused fee remission benefit for credit courses to part-time staff member's eligible dependent.
Fall 2015 University Wellness Statement President Scarborough endorsed the statement as an overarching philosophy.
Spring 2015 E-Cigarettes The College of Health Professions has implemented a non-smoking policy (which includes e-cigarettes) for areas that are within the sole control of the college.  The college policy does not extend to common areas used by more than one department.
Spring 2015 Leave Bank Policy The University Council sent a recommendation to President Scarborough in support of creating a leave bank for non-bargaining unit employees.
Spring 2015 Smoking A communication is sent to the campus community at the beginning of each semester asking smokers to comply with Ohio's Smoke Free Workplace Law.  UA forbids smoking in any enclosed area, including buildings, parking decks and University Vehicles.  No smoking is permitted within 25 feet of an entranceway, window or ventilation system of any University building or enclosed area.
Fall 2014 Completion Plan for UA The Completion Plan was endorsed by the Board of Trustees
Fall 2014 Prayer Room on Campus All student groups have an opportunity to request space at multiple locations across campus.
Spring 2014 Nursing Mother's Locations The University currently has two room available for nursing mothers at the Recreation and Wellness Center and at the School of Law.  The Director of Campus Planning and Space Utilization will review Bierce Library and the Student Union to identify additional locations in the central part of campus.
Spring 2014 Building Upkeep of Schrank Hall and Mary Gladwin Hall Vice President Ted Curtis and Assistant Vice President of Physical Facilities Joe Gregor addressed the concerns.
Spring 2014 Folk Hall Repairs Vice President Ted Curtis and Assistant Vice President of Physical Facilities Joe Gregor addressed the concerns.
Spring 2014 Internet Connectivity Students, faculty, staff and those with UA credentials should only access the Rootown and UARH (residence hall) networks.  The UAguest network is intended for use by guests and information has been restricted to protect copyrighted and licensed material.
Spring 2013 Customized Text Books Standard textbooks are less expensive than a custom version; standard textbooks can be resold but custom cannot.  The deans have been asked to share these findings with their faculty to see if they might consider other options.
Spring 2013 Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) during football games The SRWC will be open on home football game days for the 2013 football season.
Fall 2012 Environment Sustainability UA's Board of Trustees approved a proposal to install solar panels on the roof of the Louis & Freda Stile Athletics Field House.  It is conservatively estimated that this project will save UA at least $1 million over the next 20 years.  While student fees will not be reduced, future risk of escalating fees have been directly mitigated because of this project.  A study done by the VP of Capital Planning concluded that generating energy through the use of wind turbines was too costly and physically obtrusive. 
Fall 2012 Faculty/Staff Hiring The Talent Development and Human Resources Committee looked at UA Staffing from 1997-present and created a report that includes the following components:  historical comparison, context for growth, and comparison with national and Ohio peers.
Fall 2012 Fee Remission for Part-Time Staff Dependents The Budget and Finance Committee and the Talent Development and Human Resources Committee jointly determined that in the current financial situation, they could not recommend that the existing benefits package be expanded to include dependents of part-time staff. 
Fall 2012 Health Care Benefits for Part-time (non-teaching) Employees The Talent Development and Human Resources Standing Committee provided the following information: UA employs 159 part-time regular (non-teaching) employees and 239 temporary part-time employees. When part-time employees are hired, it is made clear that the position is part-time and there is no indication that it will become full-time in the future. Health insurance is offered to part-time employees that work at least half time; 100% of the cost is paid by the employee.
Fall 2012 Student Family Housing and Day Care The Student Engagement and Success Committee provided the following information: UA does not offer family housing on campus due to cost and liability issues.  UA relies on providers near campus to provide family housing (i.e., Fir Hill Towers, Ellis Properties and Summit County Job and Family Services).  UA's Child Development Center provides day care options.
Fall 2012 University Administration Hiring The Talent Development and Human Resources Committee looked at UA Staffing from 1997-present and created a report that includes the following components:  historical comparison, context for growth, and comparison with national and Ohio peers.
Spring 2012 Budget Information Request University leaders held three campus forums to present a comprehensive budget analysis of the last ten years, including plans for the FY13 budget.
Spring 2012 Interdisciplinary Symposium The Budget and Finance Committee recommended that the University members interested in this activity seek funding from external sources (i.e., corporate sponsors, The University of Akron Research Foundation, The National Science Foundation and other agencies).
Spring 2012 Recognition of Service on University Council UC Steering Committee sent annual recognition letters to UC members; this will be done on an annual basis.

Note: University Council convened its initial organizational meeting on November 22, 2011