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Getting started

dotCMS is our Content Management System used to create, maintain and organize the main UA website.


Content in dotCMS is component of a webpage that can be created, edited, moved to multiple pages and is stored in a large database for future use.


A webpage is a collection of content items organized by a template.


Files are stand-alone items added to a site that can be displayed on pages (images) or linked to for viewing/download (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)


A bio is a custom type of content used to create and organize biographical information on members of the UA community.

RSS Feeds from Handshake

The RSS feeds Handshake widget takes an RSS feed produced by the Handshake application and reformats it to be presented on our website.  Before the widget can work, a RSS feed has to be already configured on the Handshake website here.


MailAll - Bulk Emailed Newsletters

MailAll is our application for bulk emails to members of the campus community - including the Email Digest, Zipmail and the International Newsletter.  Authorized users can create Articles, add them to Editions, and send out emails via the listserv - with unique customizations for each Publication.

  • To get started, contact the web-team@lists.uakron.edu.  We'll create a new Publication and a Listserv - and provide access and training to you and your team.
  • Already using MailAll?  Refer to the documentation if you have questions - or reach out to the Web Team for help.

Additional Resources

Link tools:

Google Analytics: Offers stats on visits to our site

See also:  The rest of the internet

Using Forms

The UA Web Team uses a custom-built tool to collect data in forms. If you already have a form set up, you can use the Forms PROcessor notes to access your data. If you need a new form, contact the Web Team at web-team@lists.uakron.edu