University Web Developers <uwebd />

uwebd is a world-wide email mailing list for anyone involved with implementing and maintaining web sites in a University environment. The University of Akron Web Team is pleased to host and maintain this list. The list provides a platform for higher education web professionals to connect, collaborate and strengthen relationships with peers across the globe.

The list is moderated and subscription to the list is at the sole discretion of the list owners.

Subscribe to the list: send email to: from the email address that you wish to receive messages from the list. In the body of the message send the command SUBSCRIBE UWEBD. All requests for subscription are reviewed by the moderator and you will recieve a message confirming your subscription, usually within 24 hours.

Accessing <uwebd /> Archives

Go to In the top right corner of the page are links for First Login? and Lost Password?

Use the First Login? link and follow the instructions to create a login associated with your subscriber email address. Once you create a password, from the create password screen, you will see lists you are subscribed to listed on the left of the screen. Clicking on the uwebd name will take you to the list and Archive is a selection in the left-hand menu. From there you are good to go. There is a decent search function included on the Archive page.

You can now return to at any time and login using your credentials in the top left of the home screen.

Once you create this login, you also will be able to manage your subscription, change email, change delivery method(s), suspend the list, etc., through the Subscriber Options link on the left menu.

*Note: these archives ONLY contain the list contents from June 2013 on. This is when the list was moved from UMich servers to uakron.

Commands for Subscribers

All commands are to be sent to

  • HELP: receive a list of all available commands
  • SUBSCRIBE uwebd: subscription (or subscription confirmation) to the list
  • UNSUBSCRIBE uwebd email: unsubscribe from the list. The email address is required only if you want to unsubscribe with an address other than the address with which you send the message
  • SET uwebd NOMAIL: suspend receipt of the list's messages
  • SET uwebd DIGEST: receive messages in digest mode
  • SET uwebd DIGESTPLAIN: receive messages in digest mode (plain text)
  • SET uwebd MAIL: normal message delivery mode (reverses NOMAIL or DIGEST/DIGESTPLAIN)

Questions regarding the list can be sent to the moderator, Anthony Serpette at

Additional Resources

uwebd Google Group (contains archives PRIOR to June 2013) -!forum/uwebd