Survey reveals preference for greater limits on outdoor smoking

More than half of the respondents in a campus-wide smoking-and-tobacco-use survey conducted last semester said smoking should be permitted outdoors on campus at specific locations only. This differs from current policy, which permits smoking outdoors except near the entranceways to buildings.

University Council is reviewing the findings as it prepares a recommendation for a potential policy reccomendation to the president.

The survey was sent to all faculty, staff and students. 5,618 responses were obtained (a 19.9% response rate); four-fifths of the respondents were students.

Other findings:

  • 55 percent of respondents said secondhand smoke was a concern/annoyance.
  • 59 percent of respondents said they strongly agree/agree that universities have a responsibility to lessen the risk of tobacco addiction by adopting policies that discourage use.
  • 65 percent of respondents said they strongly agree/agree that universities should regulate tobacco use on campus.
  • 82 percent of respondents said that a policy prohibiting tobacco use anywhere on campus would not negatively affect the desire to attend or work at UA.
  • 50 percent of respondents said that use of nicotine products (smokeless tobacco, vaporizer, e-cigarettes) should be allowed outdoors at specific locations only.

The Council will meet from 3 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 12 in Student Union 312. Members of the Recreation and Wellness Standing Committee are expected to make smoking-related recommendations to the broader Council.

Download: Presentation about the smoking-survey findings.

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