Blue and Gold Days


Matthew J. Wilson

Interim President Matthew J. Wilson

Dear Colleagues: 

As we move forward, I will continue to share information and solicit your feedback on important issues. There also will be occasional messages on less-weighty topics that are still worthy of your consideration and cooperation. This is one of the latter.

Recently, it was suggested that we resurrect the campus tradition of Blue and Gold days to help demonstrate the dawning of a new day at The University of Akron. Some of you may recall that we encourage you to wear UA gear on big game days to show your support for our athletic teams.  But why limit the outpouring of school spirit to big game days? Rather, I think that we should celebrate The University of Akron including our students, our faculty, our researchers, our staff, and our alumni. After consulting with various constituencies, we have collectively decided to demonstrate school spirit for our students and the community by deeming every Friday this academic year as a “Blue and Gold Day.”

We encourage all members of our UA family to show pride in each other and in the work we do by wearing blue and gold on Fridays. Yes, UA gear is preferred, but knowing the creativity and individuality of our faculty and staff, variations are fine as long as they are in good taste and within reason. No one is obligated to participate in Blue and Gold Fridays, but all are invited and encouraged to do so. In fact, let’s leverage the power of social media by posting images of our renewed spirit and pride with the hashtag, #UANewDay.

We still have much to do to fully restore the trust and unity of our community. As I said earlier though, I have already observed a distinct sense of hope and excitement within our university family and local community. Let this be one of many small steps taken to build the momentum for the truly great leaps we can achieve.

Thank you.


Matthew J. Wilson
​Interim President