Welcome Back


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back!  Over the past six weeks, you have received a stream of communications from me.  As we move forward, you can expect more in terms of communications, so on this first day of the fall 2016 semester, please allow me to simply express my heartfelt gratitude to you.

Thank you for all the work you have done for this institution in the past.  Thank you for weathering a difficult year, and for remaining part of our University family.  As I have observed and interacted with many of you over the past seven weeks, I also want to personally express my appreciation for your resolve, optimism, and outright enthusiasm about tackling the challenges before us.  As you will often hear me say – if we focus our efforts on student success and constantly strive for excellence, I personally believe that other things will quickly fall into place.   

This is a fine university with an outstanding faculty, committed administrators and contract professionals, and an excellent staff.  Although we may face some difficult decisions ahead, we can continue working to overcome the challenges before us through collaboration, creativity, patience, and understanding. I invite you to join me in creating a new spirit of collegiality, pride, commitment, and confidence on our campus.  Let us make the 2016-17 academic year a memorable one for all that we accomplish together.

I look forward to working with and supporting you during the upcoming academic year.


President's signatureMatthew J. Wilson
The University of Akron