Innovative class scheduling begins fall 2018


Dear Students,

Practical, career-focused learning is one of the most important aspects of the Akron Experience. That’s one of the reasons why The University of Akron will be giving you "Five-Star Fridays".

Starting in Fall 2018, most UA classes will be held on Monday through Thursday with the exception of certain programs that require daily engagement (e.g. dance, music, art, and others) or have other special needs under our Five-Star Fridays initiative. Our deans, chairs and directors are working with faculty members to make those types of accommodations.

Five-Star Fridays will be dedicated to hands-on, real-world experience, such as:

  • career fairs that are free from class conflicts
  • career services events, networking opportunities, and career advising
  • co-ops, internships, and other work opportunities
  • co-curricular and club activities
  • research and lab work
  • community service
  • advising and tutoring
  • opportunities to connect with your professors
  • chance to collaborate with your peers
  • scheduling job interviews and work

Five-Star Fridays has received very favorable feedback in surveys of current and prospective students, local business professionals, local leaders, high school counselors, principals, and others. We believe that it will make UA an even more attractive destination for students to obtain a college degree.

This innovative schedule – unique among universities in the area – reshapes our schedule to reduce scheduling conflicts and provide you with more opportunities. Naturally though, it does not change the academic rigor or total number of minutes for each course. It does not impact your potential credit load either. Rather, it allows for expanded opportunities for real-world learning each Friday, helping you get the most out of your education and making you even more attractive in the workforce.

“Quality learning and student success are the primary focuses of Five-Star Fridays,” President Matthew Wilson said. “This initiative is consistent with workplace flexibility trends, and based on my conversations with industry, UA students should be even more attractive in the workplace both during school and after graduation if they take advantage of this Friday initiative.”

In short, most classes that had been scheduled for three days per week (typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday) will either be offered on (i) two days during the week – by extending the typical 50-minute class to 75 minutes – or (ii) by moving to a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday schedule, as an example. For many years, many other courses at UA have been scheduled for two days per week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday), and those will be able continue in that manner.

The new scheduling approach will assist you with your ability to organize and prepare for classes. It will enable more flexible learning opportunities, and be yet another of UA’s distinguishing feature. It will make scheduling work, interviews, and other activities easier for you and other students. It will also facilitate greater student preparation for entering the workforce and potentially allow students to earn money towards their education while studying at UA. By using Five-Star Fridays wisely, you can enhance your experience and increase the value of your degree.


President's signatureMatthew J. Wilson
The University of Akron