Disability Services for Law Students

The Office of Accessibility and The University of Akron School of Law partner to assure that students with disabilities have access to the full range of programs and services offered.

The Office of Accessibility works with students in the development and implementation of appropriate accommodations to allow access to physical facilities and to educational and extracurricular programs.

In most cases, accommodations are implemented by the Law School. The Office of Accessibility will assist with the determination of reasonable accommodations and will consult with the Law School as necessary.  


It is the responsibility of each student to identify him/herself to the Office of Accessibility and to request accommodations, if they are necessary. Appropriate documentation is required before eligibility is determined.

Provisions of accommodations will then occur if students are eligible for services. Please contact the Office of Accessibility for information on documentation requirements at 330-972-7928 (v), 330-972-5764 (tdd) or access@uakron.edu.

Academic accommodations

The following are examples of academic accommodations that the Office of Accessibility can provide. This list is not exhaustive, as we perform an individualized assessment of students' disability-related needs:

  • Assist in assuring accessible classroom locations

  • Administering examinations under accommodated conditions

  • Auxiliary services such as note-takers and sign language interpreters

  • Information and referrals

Requests for accommodations should be made on a semester basis, two weeks before the semester begins. Students who require interpreters or alternative media should adhere to the Office of Accessibility request deadlines.

Academic accommodation procedures

  • Submit current documentation of your disability completed by a qualified professional. Office of Accessibility documentation guidelines are available upon request or on our Web site.

  • The Office of Accessibility will send you a letter acknowledging the receipt of your documentation and asking you to make an appointment with a disability specialist to determine reasonable academic accommodations.

  • Students will be notified once eligibility and academic accommodations have been determined.

  • Students need to request accommodation letters through STARS before the beginning of each semester. One accommodation letter will be produced for Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Misty Franklin. She can be contacted at 330-972-6456 or misty@uakron.edu.

  • Coordination of testing and classroom accommodations needs to be facilitated through Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Misty Franklin

Bar examination

Each state controls its own exam accommodations for the bar exam. Law students with disabilities who believe they will require accommodations in taking the bar examination should inquire early in their legal education as to what will be necessary to obtain accommodations.

Many state boards of bar examiners will request that the Law School provide information on accommodations provided during law school upon a written release from the student. However, please note that receiving accommodations in Law School does not guarantee accommodations on the bar examination. Students need to go to the Web site of any state in which they may wish to take the bar examination to learn that state's process and to access necessary forms.