You can download, complete, and submit enrollment forms in person to the ROTC offices located in SHS 8.  Please type as many as possible.

Personal Data Sheet Form

CC Form 139-R - Cadet Enrollment Record (right click and download to your desktop)

CC FORM 104-R - Academic Planner (right click and download to your desktop)

How to Fill Out (104-R)

DA Form 3425-R - Medical Fitness Statement

CC Form 136-R -  Briefing of Government Benefits (right click and download to your desktop)

CC Form 137-R - Release of Student Records

SF86 - Security Clearance Questionnaire

W4 - Income Tax Withholding

SF1199A  - Direct Deposit Form 

DD 2058 - State of Legal Residence 

SGLV 8286 - Soldier's Group Life Insurance Form

DD 93 - Record of Emergency Data

DD Form 2005   

Media Release Form

Informational Handouts

Army Values

The Chain of Command

The Cadet Creed

The ROTC Patch

The Soldier's Creed

General Orders