Military Studies: Military Science

In addition to earning a minor in  Military Science, Army ROTC classes and leadership training will help students sharpen their written and oral briefing skills, as well as give them the tools to help them succeed in school and in their future careers. We emphasize the practical application of leadership skills through classroom, lab and military training that will improve student self-confidence and management abilities. Students can earn this minor even though they are not part of the Army ROTC program; however, being in Army ROTC entitles students to participate in the more advanced leadership training opportuities, apply for tuition and room and board scholarships, and opens the door to an unparalleled opportunity to serve your country in the most respected institution in the nation - America's Military.

The minor consists of 18 credits earned from the core Military Science curriculum, 12 credits must be taken at the 300/400 level. With the approval of the Professor of Military Science, substitution of other military-related coursework/credit may be made for up to 6 credits (by exception). This minor may only be awarded at the time a student receives a baccalaureate degree.

Course Number

Course Name


1100:205 Leadership Principles and Practices 3
1600:100 Leadership and Personal Development* 1
1600:101 Introduction to Tactical Leadership* 1
1600:200 Innovative Team Leadership* 2
1600:201 Foundations of Tactical Leadership* 2
1600:300 Adaptive Team Leadership* 3
1600:301 Leadership Under Fire* 3
1600:400 Developing Adaptive Leaders* 3
1600:401 Leadership in a Complex World* 3
1600:490 Special Topics in Military Science* 1 - 3
* Courses require a corresponding lab course in conjunction with the military science course.