Internships and more...


BCAS Advisers and Career Center Liaisons are intent on aiding in student success. 

We want your first professional career-related encounter to be impressive, whether you are attempting to secure an internship, co-op, shadowing experience, information interview, or employment. 

In your first year, we work with you to get you started building your documentation, knowledge base, and confidence; all of which can help guarantee your future employment success. In your required meeting with your Career Center Liaison, you will learn about the resources at your disposal and how to build the resumé you desire to have at graduation.

Don't forget that involvement in on-campus organizations is a wonderful way to expand your interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills. Take a few minutes and click on this link ( to look through the list of existing UA organizations for groups with which you can get involved today! 


The transferable skills of Arts and Sciences majors and minors, and the general marketability of their degrees, are a function of students’ work in their academic department or school and co-curricular involvement.

The College's goal is for students to maximize learning in and out of the classroom, and to gain experience in numerous activities, using practical skills such as writing, editing, problem solving, personal interaction, and creative thinking. Because acquiring professional work experience before graduation is important, your Career Center Liaison will assist you to obtain one of the most practical methods of doing this--internship participation! Speak to your Career Center Liaison today (call 330-972-7880 for an appointment) to discuss internship opportunities that are right for you.


Finding employment after graduation really is WORK in itself! 

The diploma earned through so many years of dedicated study does not necessarily guarantee employment immediately after removing cap and gown. 

A job search is a process--a process that is best begun early in the academic experience and that continues through studies, internships, co-ops, graduation, and all the way up to the signing of your first contract.   It begins with thorough self-assessment, extends to substantial exploration into fields of interest, and culminates in actual job search activities.

This link takes you to the UA Career Center’s employment database and event and workshop calendar ( These resources will provide you with valuable information to help make the process less intimidating, and networking and connections easier.

UA's Career Center, located in Student Union 211 and is a great link to direct contact with local employers.  Talk with staff about upcoming career fairs and how you can upload your resume/cv for easy access by employers!  Call 330/ 972-7747 for more information.