Welcome to Pre-Professional Health Advising at

The University of Akron

The information provided is designed to assist current UA students, prospective UA students, and alumni in learning about careers in the medical field and the necessary steps for admission to Dental, Medical, Pharmacy, Veterinary, or other professional schools.

Pre-Professional Health Advising is not directly linked to any particular major, but rather it is designed for students in any discipline or college. Pre-health students have unique advising needs due to the competitive nature of professional schools and the varying admission criteria. Pre-Professional Health Advising provides the following resources to help students to become competitive applicants:

  • Guidance on admission criteria
  • Sequencing of courses
  • Application assistance
  • Long term planning
  • Access to current information
  • Guidance on co-curricular activities

Declare your Pre-Professional Health interest by completing this five item survey, CLICK HERE.

  • Why? It is the only way to declare pre-dental, pre-med, pre-pharmacy, etc. This also gives you access to the Pre-Professional Health Brightspace page so you can stay up to date about workshops, events, and current information related to your pre-professional area of choice

These additional wrap-around advising services cannot substitute for the necessary and often required advising provided by a student's assigned college or faculty adviser. 

Your education here at The University of Akron provides the foundation for your continued pursuit of professional school and is committed to helping you become a competitive applicant. We hope the information on this site and the resources provided by our office will enhance your Akron Experience as you prepare for professional school.

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