Meet Your Academic Adviser

All Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences (BCAS) students have an academic adviser.  To learn who your adviser is, go to "My Student Center" in My Akron. If you do not find your adviser's name below, please contact us at 330-972-7880.  Our advisers are:

Michael Arbino    

Michael Arbino 2
Phone: 330-972-8663
Location:  Arts and Sciences building, Rm 118

Mr. Arbino earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and a Master of Arts degree in English. Currently, he is completing a Ph.D. in English literature at Kent State University. His work experience includes serving as an academic advisor at Thomas More College and as an English instructor at Miami University-Hamilton.

Mr. Arbino’s favorite part about working at The University of Akron is educating students on how to achieve their academic and career goals. His advice to you as a Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences student is to take college seriously by thinking of it as a prelude to your professional career.

Mr. Arbino teaches an adult Sunday school class, and he is the Campus Director of Bethesda College of Ministry and the Bible. In his free time, he often combines his love of nature and exercise. His favorite activities are cycling, running, hiking, and kayaking.

Kim Beyer

beyer1 (003)
Phone: 330-972-6026
Location:  Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Dr. Kim Beyer earned her Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration, a Master of Arts in Counseling-Student Personnel Services, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Akron. Her professional experiences include the positions of Director of Communications and Strategic Planning in the Division of Student Affairs, Interim Director and Associate Director of Career Services, Academic Adviser and Assistant Coordinator, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program, and Special Lecturer of Career Planning and Student Success courses and Higher Education Administration graduate classes, all at The University of Akron.  She also worked as an Assistant Director of Career Services at Ball State University in Muncie, IN.  Most recently, Dr. Beyer served as a Consultant for the Chief Diversity Officer at Clemson University and as a Career Navigator at the OhioMeansJobs Center in Akron, providing career consultation to job seekers as well as a consulting with ConxusNEO and mapping out career and academic pathways for the Akron Public Schools College and Career Academies. 

Dr. Beyer enjoys providing personalized academic advising and career development assistance to students so that they can form and attain their educational and career goals.  Kim’s advice to all students is that “Determination + Hardwork + Discipline = the Ways to Success!  Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of pursuing your dreams.  Reach for the sky!”  Explore and learn as much as you can about yourself, your major, and the career possibilities that fit your interests, passions, and work and life goals.  Engage in experiential learning, study abroad, and community engagement experiences to develop new skills and talents. Ask questions and ask for help when you need it. Take responsibility for what you need to learn and grow, challenge yourself to be your very best, and use the tremendous resources on campus to help you be successful.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, traveling, listening to music, going to movies and the theatre, and providing career coaching and mentoring to individuals who are transitioning into new careers.

Gayle Bruno-Gannon

Gayle BG
Phone: 330-972-6028
Location:  Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Ms. Gayle Bruno-Gannon earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Work from the University of Toledo and a Master’s of Science in Education with a concentration in College Student Personnel and Counseling from the University of Dayton.

Her previous work experience includes Outreach Program Coordinator at Kent State University, Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Business Programs at John Carroll University, Student Services Specialist at Cleveland State University and Partnership Site Coordinator at Hiram College.  She has taught Freshmen Orientation courses and Professional development classes at Kent State University.  She has advised both traditional and non-traditional student in various academic programs.  

Gayle is new to the University of Akron and looks forward to working with the students in BCAS.  As well as learning about all the great things that the University of Akron has to offer.  She feels her extensive experience and knowledge in admissions, financial aid counseling, registration, retention and career counseling will assist students in achieving their academic and professional goals.  Her advice to BCAS students is get involved with as many of the great opportunities awarded to you at the University of Akron.  Also get to know your professors and do not be afraid to ask questions.  If you are determined to learn no one can stop you.

Jean Cowser

Phone: 330-972-8624
Location:  Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Mrs. Cowser earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Wilberforce University and a M.Ed. in Counseling from Kent State University. 

Prior to her advising appointment at UA, she taught in the Lorain Public School System.  She also worked as an Academic Advisor in the College of Business, and Assistant Director of Advising in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

In addition to her advising responsibilities over the years, she has served as a member of the Advisor Training Team for the Center for Academic Advising and Student Success, former Chair of the Internal Operations Committee, advisor to College Credit Plus students, Post-Secondary Honors Academy, and taught the Akron Experience course.  She currently serves as liaison to the Computer Science, Theoretical & Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and English departments.

Her advice to students is to diversify your college experiences and utilize resources to meet your educational goals and aspirations.   

Mrs. Cowser’s interests are in learning Hebrew and playing the guitar.

Sophie Kus

sophie kus
Phone: 330-972-7834
Location:  Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Dr. Kus earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cleveland State University. She is also a graduate of John Carroll University where she earned a Master of Arts in Human Services and a Doctorate in Higher Education and Leadership from The University of Akron. She is certified as a National Board Certified Counselor and has recently earned certification in Spirituality and Counseling. She has worked as an academic advisor at the University of Akron, director of advising and assistant dean at John Carroll University and program counselor at Hiram College. She has taught Freshman Seminar courses, Introductory Psychology, and professional development classes in Education at Ursuline College and John Carroll University.

Dr. Kus is pleased to return to the University of Akron in her role as academic advisor in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences. She enjoys teaching, coaching, and counseling students toward degree completion.  It is a privilege to work with undergraduates at The University of Akron as they discover their abilities, interests and career paths and navigate through academia. Her advice to you as a Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences student is to “know thyself.” Discover and reflect on your program of study and set achievable goals for yourself. Persist and preserve as a learner. Learn for your mistakes. Learn who you are and focus on your life’s calling. Your talents and contributions are welcomed in higher education. 

Julia Oliver

Julia Oliver
Phone: 330-972-6006
Location:  Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Ms. Oliver earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Masters of Arts in Education with a concentration in College and Community Counseling from The University of Akron. Her previous work experience includes Learning Consultant, at The University of Akron, teaching lifespan development and career skills, Counseling Specialist at Cleveland State University, advising first generation and at risk students. Ms. Oliver has advised both traditional and nontraditional students in various academic majors and career areas at The University of Akron.

Ms. Oliver enjoys advising and helping students achieve their individual academic goals. Her advice to you as a BCAS student is SOAR! Take advantage of the wonderful exciting educational opportunities at UA inside and outside the classroom. Plan your study time wisely. Participate in student activities related to your major and/or interests. If you would like to travel and learn about different cultures, consider the UA Study Abroad Program. Don’t settle for the minimum- SOAR!

Katie Timperio

Phone: 330-972-8052
Location: Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Ms. Katie Timperio earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Painting and Drawing and a double minor in Printmaking and Art History from the Myers School of Art in 2004. Following her desire to serve the community, she completed a Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Community Counseling. She has held an active Professional Counselor (PC) license since 2008 and has worked in outpatient community mental health with both adults and children.

Katie Timperio provides thoughtful academic advising to all BCAS students in matters pertaining to: registration, retention, policies and procedures, graduation planning, career preparation and achieving overall academic and professional success. Her favorite aspect of working at UA is activating students' awareness of the rich array of cultural events on-campus and in our NEO community, promoting engagement in the immersive, experiential professional practice available at the student-level, and encouraging all scholars to explore the interdisciplinary research opportunities for all majors.

Katie "KT" is charming and enthusiastic, and is genuinely called to serve the UA population. As a proud UA alumna ('04, '08), Katie is happy to deliver her work with students in her colorful, sunny office within CAS 118. The only thing she is more passionate about than helping BCAS students are her two rescue Chihuahuas, Lily and Lola. She spends time drawing, watercolor painting, tailoring vintage clothing and perfecting her gluten-free cooking.

Terry Vance

Phone: 330-972-5196
Location:  Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Terry Vance is an Academic Adviser II for the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences. Mr. Vance earned a B.A. in International Studies from Centre College and a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel from Kent State University. Prior to The University of Akron, Mr. Vance served as an academic adviser for the College of Business Administration at Kent State University.

Mr. Vance’s advice for BCAS students is to not be afraid and ask for help when needed. Whether the issue is academic or personal, take the time to identify what resources are available to you and utilize them. Do not let fear or pride get in the way! The faculty and staff at UA are here to support your educational experience.

Tailyn Walborn

Tailyn Pic
Phone: 330-972-7496
Location:  Arts and Sciences Building, Rm 118

Ms. Walborn earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Mount Union College, a Masters of Arts in Bioethics from Case Western Reserve University, and a Masters of Science in Education, concentrating on Higher Education Administration, from The University of Akron. 

Her previous work experience includes working as the Director of Career Services at a career college in Cleveland, the Graduate Assistant in the Career Center right here at Akron, and working with the College of STEM Professional Practices at Youngstown State University, and the Center for Cross Cultural Engagement at Malone University.  She has also spent time instructing Career Readiness courses.

Ms. Walborn’s favorite part about working at The University of Akron is the feeling of community.  She enjoys attending events and visiting new places around Akron that her colleagues and students recommend.  She also loves seeing a student turn their career goals into reality!  Her advice to BCAS students is to utilize all of the services The University has to offer, and get involved with as much as possible!  Not only is this going to help you with your career, it is also going to be one of the most rewarding times of your life!