Student Employment

Student Employment jobs are located within UA Offices and Departments. This includes federal work study positions.

Student Employment

  • We help you gain skills, make valuable connections, and build your resume as a type of experiential learning.
  • We offer flexible hours with the understanding that you need to prioritize your education.

Federal Work Study Program (FWS)

A federally funded campus-based aid program designed to provide part-time jobs for eligible students. FWS jobs are primarily on-campus.

  • Eligibility is shown on your Financial Aid Award Notification on MyAkron.
  • Those awarded FWS will need to acquire a FWS job on campus to earn FWS funds. Earnings are not applied directly to your bill (tuition, fees, etc.).
  • A benefit of earning income through a FWS job is that those earnings do not count against you when you complete the next year’s FAFSA.
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