Student health insurance

Posted Jan. 3, 2019

Like several other private and public higher education institutions in our region, The University of Akron contracted with Cleveland-based Student Educational Benefit Trust (SEBT) to provide health insurance benefits to students.

This coverage is required for all international students and is an elective coverage for domestic students. In late December SEBT abruptly went out of business, leaving students without coverage. We immediately sought another company to cover our international and domestic students.

A company was found to cover international students who comprise the vast majority of those affected. This was possible because:

  1. more alternatives were available, and
  2. since the University bills international students directly for this coverage, we instantly knew who was affected and could handle the transition seamlessly.

Insurance for international students

The situation for domestic students is not as easy. Since SEBT billed students directly, the University did not have a comprehensive list of individuals contracted with them. After repeated requests by the University, SEBT sent to us on Monday, Dec. 31, its list of customers who are UA domestic students, and we began immediately emailing students about the issue. The University also obtained from SEBT ‘Certificates of Credible Coverage’ on Tuesday, Jan. 1, and began sending those to students as proof of coverage. 

Many companies that historically provided student coverage have moved out of that business due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, enrollment for 2019 ACA coverage closed four days before SEBT notified the University it was going out of business.

Rest assured – students will be eligible to enroll for 2019 ACA coverage. The University of Akron is working closely with students to help them navigate the system and obtain new coverage. We understand that families are frustrated, and we are doing all that we can to assist them in finding solutions. 


Due to the volume of inbound calls about changes in health insurance, the voicemail box of the current insurance information number (330-972-7390) has been filling up fast. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working quickly to return calls as quickly as possible. Students and families requiring assistance may also call 330-972-6577.

Student Health Services

Regardless of a student’s coverage, Student Health Services, located in Student Recreation and Wellness Center Suite 260, is available for student acute care visits for only $15.

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