24-7 assistance

Help for victims of sexual misconduct.

24-hour emergency phone numbers

University Police (open all hours) 330-972-7123
Akron City Hospital Emergency Room 330-375-3361
Akron General Medical Center Emergency Room 330-344-6611
Fire and EMS 911
ACCESS (temporary shelter for women and children) 330-535-2999
Akron Regional Poison Center 330-379-8562
Battered Women's Shelter 330-374-1111
Cocaine Help Line 1-800-COCAINE
Psychiatric Emergency Evaluation and Referral 330-762-6110
Rape Crisis Center of Summit/Medina Counties 330-434-7273
SUPPORT (Suicide Prevention) 330-434-9144
Victim's Assistance 330-376-0040
UA's Counseling Center 330-972-7082
AIDS Hotline (local) 330-375-AIDS
AIDS National Institute on Drug Abuse 1-800-622-HELP
STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) National Hotline 1-800-227-8922