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Internship Opportunitities

Internships provide students with an opportunity to experience the challenge of real world problem solving by working for state or local, national or international, public or private organizations ranging from political parties to law firms, Greenpeace to The Wall Street Journal

Internships are usually semester-long courses, with variable amounts of academic credit depending on the number of hours a student is working, that provide each student with a competitive advantage when it comes time to enter the job market after graduation. 

Some internships carry a stipend paid by the sponsoring organization, others are supported by scholarships provided by the sponsoring unit at The University of Akron, and all internships guarantee an opportunity to expand a student’s network of professional contacts as a foundation for success in their future career.

Additional opportunities

Students have many opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom in a professional setting. UA's Career Services and its new Experiential Learning Center for Entrepreneurship & Civic Engagement exist to help place students in career-relevant internships, co-ops and other experiences at companies and nonprofits.