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Shortening your path to graduation

We're committed to your success! As part of the UA Express to Success program, we are redesigning our curriculum and offering new opportunities for you to attain your degree in the shortest time possible. If you have learned the material taught in a UA course, you can refresh your knowledge through a Test Prep Tutorial (TPT), and then earn credits through Credit by Exam (CBE).

Credit by Exam | $30 per credit hour
Test Prep Tutorial | $100 per tutorial

Save money and graduate early through TPT and CBE.  See TPT Schedule bottom right.

If you are not currently a UA student, you can still participate as a guest student by completing a guest application (and then returning to this page).

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UA student Franchot Thomas describes his Test Prep Tutorial experience.


Why should I take TPT or CBE?

There are at least three good reasons to consider taking advantage of one or more of these Test Prep Tutorials (TPT).

Prepare to Earn UA Credit for Prior Learning

If you have already learned the material that is taught in a course offered at the University of Akron, we provide these tutorials to help you prepare to demonstrate your prior learning so you might earn credit for completing the course through credit-by-exam (CBE).

Lower Cost Degree Completion

Since CBE costs $30 per credit hour and a semester-long undergraduate course costs $398 per credit for an Ohio resident and $740 for a non-resident, this amounts to a savings of $1,104 for each three-credit course completed through CBE for an Ohio resident and $2,130 for a non-resident student.

Accelerated Graduation

Students who participate in the PSEOP program or complete numerous AP courses in high school often complete an entire year of their college coursework before they come to UA. Similarly, students who have already mastered course material in any other way and demonstrate that through this low-cost CBE mechanism can complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees or certificates at a highly accelerated pace and significantly lower cost.

How can I take TPT or CBE?

Each TPT will provide students who have already learned the material for the associated course with a refresher experience, over a two-week period, for a cost of $100. Once given access to the Test-Prep Tutorial, each student will have the following three options:

  1. Credit by Exam
    Take the comprehensive final exam within the two-week tutorial window for the associated course with the resulting grade placed in your official college transcript. The information from CBE on the your transcript will be indistinguishable from the information that would appear if you had taken the actual course. The exam is prepared and evaluated by the relevant UA academic department. The $100 non-refundable TPT fee will then be applied to the cost of CBE (which is $30/credit hour).
  2. Enroll in the Associated Course
    Or you might choose to enroll in the associated course the next time the course is offered. The $100 TPT fee will be applied to the tuition for that course.
  3. Not Yet Ready for CBE or Enrollment
    You might decide you are not ready to try CBE or to take the course, since the Test-Prep Tutorial demonstrated that you either had not yet mastered the material and/or you are not as interested in the topic as you initially thought.

Who should take TPT or CBE?

If you believe you have already mastered material taught in a UA course, we want to help you demonstrate that mastery. Test prep tutorials provide test preparation work in the field to help you determine if you are prepared to demonstrate this learning through credit-by-exam.

This opportunity is open to anyone who is able to demonstrate prior learning and we expect this to help current students, new students, and a variety of learners (veterans, mid-career professionals, students who have learned material in an equivalent high school AP or by participating in a MOOC) graduate more rapidly and at a lower cost.

If you have already mastered material covered in a UA course a test prep tutorial might be just what you need to prepare to earn credit-by-exam and reduce the credits required to complete a certificate or degree.

If you are not currently a UA student, you can still participate by becoming a Guest Student...click here.



3470:260 Basic Statistics

Applied approach to data description and statistical inference (hypothesis testing, estimation).  Analysis of ratios, rates, and proportions.

  • 100% Online Tutorial Available through the Statistics Department
  • Statistics Department is located on the Fourth Floor of the College of Arts & Science Building
  • Department Phone: 330-972-6886
  • Begin by Completing the Credit-by-Exam Form.  You will find a link to form as you read Terms & Conditions.

If you're interested in taking the associated course, check the class schedule to find out when it's offered.