Testing Services

Mission Statement

The Testing Services adheres to the mission of the Counseling & Testing Center and promotes community engagement and student learning, success, and retention by providing a standardized testing environment for University and community members. The Testing Services differentiates itself and the University by its certification through the National College Testing Association (NCTA).

University of Akron Individual Make-Up Exams

Testing Services proctors paper-based classroom exams to individual students of the University of Akron. If a student was unable to complete an exam with the rest of the class, please refer to the following policies and procedures:

  • Students call 330-972-7084 to schedule an appointment. We cannot guarantee availability to proctor an exam without an appointment. When a student arrives to their appointment, they must present a valid photo ID before testing.
  • Instructors are to complete the on-campus proctor sheet and send to Counseling & Testing Center-Testing Services with test so we can proctor according to your instructions. A proctor sheet must be submitted with your exam or staff will be unable to proctor according to your guidelines.
  • Proctored exams for University of Akron courses are free.
  • For further information about our services, please refer to Guidelines for Testing and Academic Integrity Policy on this page.

University of Akron Group Classroom Exams

Testing Services may provide paper-based group testing to assist instructors at the University of Akron, if alternative resources within academic department do not exist to meet this need. Please refer to Computer Based Assessment & Evaluation (http://uakron.edu/testing) for computer-based classroom exams.

Group testing refers to any situation in which an instructor requests our proctoring services for multiple students in a class, or for an entire class. These policies and procedures do not apply to an individual student’s need for separate testing conditions (e.g. accommodated testing requests through the Office of Accessibility; make-up testing for an individual that missed class due to illness, emergency, or excused event).

We require at least 14 days’ notice in advance of test date or window to determine feasibility of managing request. Submitting a request for group testing does not guarantee that this service can be provided, and honoring the request is contingent on resources, availability, and existing service needs during desired test window. For further information or questions about procedures, please contact Dr. Sara Rieder Bennett, Assistant Director of Testing, at slr45@uakron.edu. Please complete and submit the Request for Group Testing form.

On-­Campus Tests for UA Students with Accommodations

  • Counseling & Testing Center-Testing Services collaborates with Office of Accessibility to proctor accommodated exams.
  • Instructors should use the on-campus proctor sheet.
  • Students should access STARS through Office of Accessibility to request testing and contact Counseling & Testing Center-Testing Services by phone (330-972-7084) or email (cctesting@uakron.edu) to schedule.

Correspondence Tests for non-­UA Courses

  • We proctor tests to individuals and groups from other institutions.
  • Proctored exams for non-UA students cost $20/hour, prorated to the nearest quarter hour.
  • Students call to schedule an appointment at 330-972-6741 or 330-972-7084.

Language Placement Tests (UA Students)

  • University of Akron students may take Italian and Latin placement testing at no charge at Counseling & Testing Center-Testing Services.
  • Spanish, French, and German language placement testing is available online through your My Akron portal. 
  • Please refer to the Department of Modern Languages for placement for other language placement information. 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

  • CLEP is a means of obtaining college credit by examination. When you pass a CLEP exam, course credit is added automatically to your UA transcript. If you are taking CLEP for another institution, your official score report will be sent to you and the institution you designate to determine transcripted credit.
  • CLEP exams can be taken at Counseling & Testing Center-Testing Services, whether you are a student at The University of Akron or another school. The University of Akron accepts many CLEP test results for college credit. It is your responsibility to assure that the CLEP test you select is correct for your purposes and institution. Contact the school to which you will send the CLEP results to assure that credit by CLEP testing is accepted, and to identify the passing score your institution requires. The University of Akron CLEP course credit guidelines are available here.
  • Call 330-972-7084 to schedule an appointment to take a CLEP test. 
  • To take a CLEP test, you must register at CLEP/College Board. CLEP charges $80. There is a $25 charge to The University of Akron at the time of your appointment that is payable by cash, check, or credit card. No refunds are offered for CLEP test. 
  • Study guides and test samplers are available by going to the CLEP website and are also often available at university libraries.


  • DSST is a means of obtaining college credit by examination. Please speak with your advisor to determine whether an exam will count for college credit. The cost of DSST is currently $80 per test plus a $25 service fee.
  • For further information, please visit the DSST website. Call 330-972-7084 to schedule your exam.

Placement Testing for non-UA Students

  • Counseling & Testing Center-Testing Services at The University of Akron is an Accuplacer Remote Testing Site. We also proctor various placement tests for students enrolling at other universities. 
  • For those interested in taking a placement test for a university other than The University of Akron, you must contact your university in advance so that they may register you for the test and send information tot this office to administer your test. You may then contact the Counseling & Testing Center at 330-972-7084 to schedule. We are open Monday through Friday 8a-5p, and placement tests will be scheduled between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday to allow adequate time to finish prior to close of business. Please be aware we discontinue testing 15 minutes prior to close.
  • If you receive an email registration from your institution, please bring a copy of the registration, a photo ID, and non-refundable $25 fee to be admitted to take the test. Payment can be made with exact cash, credit, or check.
  • University of Akron students should contact Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation, located in 152 Shrank Hall North, for more information about math, reading, and writing placement testing. Please call 330-972-6511 for more information.

MAT (Millers Analogy Test)

  • The Millers Analogy Test (MAT) is a computer-based graduate school admissions test. Results are available immediately upon completing the test.
  • The cost of the MAT is currently $90, payable in check, cash, or credit. 
  • For further information, please visit the MAT website. Call 330-972-7084 to schedule your test.

Residual ACT

  • The Residual ACT is accepted only at The University of Akron and cannot be transferred to other universities and colleges.  Testing dates are intended to be supplements to the National ACT and are identified based on University of Akron deadlines. Unlike the National ACT, registration for the Residual ACT takes place at The University of Akron. The registration form and nonrefundable payment of $50 must be in the Cashier’s Office or paid on-line by 3 p.m. the Friday before the exam. Otherwise, you may come as a standby the day of the test no later than 8:00 A.M. with $50 test fee, plus $20 walk-in fee.
  • We score the answer sheets before sending them to ACT so your scores will be available at The University of Akron Office of Admissions within several working days rather than waiting for them to be returned by ACT.

You can register for the Residual ACT in one of three ways:

  • Print the Registration Form, complete it, and mail along with payment of $50 to The University of Akron. Additional instructions are on the Registration Form.
  • Register online using a credit card.
  • For examinees who are seeking testing with accommodations, you may request accommodated testing by sending disability documentation, including all relevant psychological or medical evaluations, individualized education plan (IEP), multifactorial evaluation (MFE), and evaluation team report (ETR) to Dr. Sara Rieder Bennett, Assistant Director of Testing and Licensed Psychologist for review. Be sure to include contact information to follow up with the student or identified contact.
  • You may choose to schedule a private Residual ACT session outside of regularly scheduled administration dates by contacting Testing Services at 330-972-7084. The fee for private administration is $155.
  • Fees are non-refundable. You may apply your payment to the next test date if you call 330-972-7084 to reschedule before the date you selected. If you do no show for the test after registering, you will have to pay the fee again to take the test at a later date.
  • The Residual ACT will be administered on the following dates: July 16, 2016, November 12, 2016, March 25, 2017, July 29, 2017, and November 11, 2017.
  • On the day of the exam, report to the College of Business Administration, 259 South Broadway NO LATER THAN 8:20 A.M. Testing ends at approximately 12:00 p.m.
  • You are required to bring your photo identification (driver’s license or school identification card).  Bring a calculator to use on the math portion of the exam (check ACT for prohibited models) and #2 pencils.
  • For students who do not have a Government issued photo ID, please have your school official complete this the identification form available on the ACT website prior to the exam day and bring it with you on the exam day for identification purposes.

National Testing Programs (SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, MPRE)

National Testing Programs are administered at our institution, including the ACT, SAT, LSAT, MPRE, and GRE (subject examinations). We do not administer the MCAT or GMAT but can provide information about these tests if requested. Click any of the links to register for the exams.

Castle Worldwide

Castle Worldwide is one of the leading certification and licensure testing companies in the U.S., offering exams for athletic training, medical staff services, occupational therapy, paralegal associations, child welfare associations, Pilates instruction, quality assurance in software, regulatory affairs, and nursing. 

ESCO Group

  • ESCO Group and its affiliates provide certifications in HVACR and skilled trade industries.
  • Call 330-972-7084 or 330-972-6741 to schedule testing.
  • ESCO Group fees differ by exam and are charged at the time of testing. In addition, we charge a proctoring fee.

Nocti Business Solutions

  • Schedule Credit for Prior Learning Assessments through the Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) CPL Registration Form located on the NBS website and select The University of Akron testing center from dropdown list.

Psychological, Career, and Learning Disorder/ADHD Assessments

Psychological, Career, and Learning Disorder/ADHD assessments are available by referral from one of our psychologists or psychology trainees. Call the Counseling & Testing Center at 330-972-7082 to make an appointment with a psychologist or psychology trainee to begin the process of testing. Fees may be required for some assessments, and will be explained to you prior to completing any assessments.

Guidelines for Testing

The University of Akron Counseling & Testing Center – Testing Services is certified through the National College Testing Association (NCTA), and tests are administered in adherence with NCTA guidelines. A completed On-Campus Proctor Sheet is required for each University of Akron course exam proctored in Testing Services and is the responsibility of the course instructor to complete and provide to testing staff with the exam. Tests are administered according to instructions provided on proctor sheet and administration procedures will not be altered without instructor permission.

All tests are stored in a security room that is accessible by lock and key with limited access among testing staff. The security system is linked to the University of Akron Police Department. All campus tests received by Testing Services are logged into a database documenting receipt, administration, and return of test to instructors, per instructions provided on proctor sheet. Tests returned by campus mail or student delivery are secured in a tamper evident envelope. Faculty or staff requesting to pick up completed exams may be required to provide photo identification and tests will be released only to course instructor or individual designated on proctor sheet. Uncompleted tests are shredded at the end of each semester.

Examinees are not permitted access to personal belongings during exams and may only take into the testing room materials indicated by test company or instructor on proctor sheet. Electronic devices, with the exception of calculators and/or personal computers when designated by instructor or test company, are never permitted in testing rooms. Personal belongings are kept in a locked cabinet until the exam is returned to testing staff. Examinees are required to provide photo identification and to sign-in acknowledging the following rules:

  • NO personal belongings permitted in testing rooms or accessible during exams
  • Breaks during exams prohibited without documentation

Academic Integrity Policy

Testing Services at The University of Akron adheres to academic integrity standards of the university and testing companies. Academic misconduct includes cheating, plagiarism, or assisting another examinee in either. Details regarding academic integrity standards of the university can be located at http://www.uakron.edu/sja/ and in relevant testing company administration manuals.

Constant video monitoring takes place from the desktop monitor on staff’s workstation. Video is gathered by six cameras which are networked to a secure server in The University of Akron Police Department. Access to the feeds is restricted and is monitored by testing staff.

Testing Services staff will respond according to applicable testing company policies when misconduct is suspected. In cases of suspected misconduct for on-campus and correspondence exams, our procedure is to attempt to verify misconduct, discontinue testing, confiscate any banned materials from testing room, and inform instructors and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (for University of Akron exams) in writing with description of the incident. Further action is the responsibility of test companies, instructors, and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.









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