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Information for Contributors

Submission Instructions

Articles should be informative and practical: that is, they should help people do their jobs. For each article, please send a cover letter, two hardcopy printouts, and a diskette containing an electronic file of the article. Include your name, affiliation, title, mailing address, e-mail address, fax number, and phone numbers. (Electronic files should be in Microsoft Word format. It's easiest for us if exhibits are in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint, but other formats are also acceptable. In any case, send hardcopies of all exhibits, which should be printed one per page and placed at the end of the text of each article.

Exhibits, Graphs, and Tables

Please call all tables, exhibits, and graphs "figures." Number these sequentially (e.g., "Figure 1," "Figure 2," "Figure 3," etc.). Also refer to each figure somewhere in the text of your article, then state approximately where each figure should appear (e.g., [Put Figure 1 about here]).

Footnotes and References

We try to use as few references as possible. Don't use footnotes or endnotes merely to include additional or explanatory text: If information is important, include it in the text. If not, delete it.

References-which, again, should be kept to a minimum-should be listed alphabetically on a separate page at the end of the article. Cite published literature in the text using the academic style of "footnoting"-that is, by giving the author's name and year of publication, such as "Smith (1999)."

Copyright Information

No article can be published without a signed copyright transfer agreement (CTA), which is a form we provide to transfer copyright for the article from you, the authors, to the publisher. You and all coauthors must sign the CTA.


Address all inquiries or correspondence to
Barry Brinker, Editor
688 Gulph Road
Wayne, PA 19087
(610) 783-1977