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Benjamin Suarez - 2010 Recipient

Benjamin (Ben) Suarez is the Founder and CEO of Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI). A University of Akron graduate, Ben always dreamed of working for himself. He learned the Direct Marketing business over the years through painful trial and error. His breakthroughs came only after learning techniques from the “Old Masters” like Claude Hopkins. 

As his business continued to grow Ben set his own guidelines in place. One of his business philosophies was that he would never sell a bad product no matter how much money he could make. Furthermore, he would not sell a product that he did not use himself. Robert Collier and a partnership with the late Gary Halbert.

Another business philosophy was that he would share half of his profits with his employees. That way, his customers would, in effect, be served by an owner, no matter which employee they were dealing with in Ben’s company.

Because of Ben’s unique business philosophies and creative drive SCI has been successful for 42 years and is now larger than 99.7% of all businesses in the United States.

Ben Suarez continues to be a great friend and generous supporter of the University of Akron. His generous donation funded the Ben and Nancy Suarez Labs for Applied Marketing Research. Today Ben is a proud grandfather, an active athlete and continues writing winning copy and running his company from his home in Jackson Township, Ohio.