Direct Marketer of the Year

The inaugural Direct Marketer of the Year Award was presented in 2006 by the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing. Each year, the award is given to an individual who has made a significant contributions to the field of direct/interactive marketing throughout a long and distinguished career.

Winners of this award are pioneers who have revolutionized the direct/interactive marketing industry and promoted new advances and innovative strategies in direct/interactive marketing. The recipients’ contributions guide future direct marketers and inspire the ideas that will move the industry into the future. The Taylor Institute’s Direct Marketer of the Year epitomizes the best direct marketing practices. This prestigious honor highlights the individuals’ outstanding achievements and high ethical standards.

To be considered for The Direct Marketer of the Year Award, a person must play an active role in the educational process of grooming future direct/interactive marketers. Nominees should serve as mentors for developing managers; promote the advancement of new and emerging practices and advocate for the entire field of direct marketing. In addition, as a socially responsible member of the direct marketing profession, the individual must be an active supporter of those communities within which they interact.

Previous Recipients