Explore Your Options!

Whether you want to work to gain experience or to offset expenses, The University of Akron offers many employment opportunities, both on and off campus.

Jobs On Campus:

Many departments and offices need student assistants.  Student assistants are generally paid hourly.  Some student assistants are part of a federal work study program. As a student assistant your duties may include: monitoring a front desk or reception area, answering phones, delivering mail and packages to different campus buildings, making photocopies and assisting with other office functions.  To attain a position as a student assistant, you may view the list of job openings or check with a department or college for openings.

Graduate Assistantships are available to graduate students as funding permits, and entitle the student to tuition remission and a modest stipend.  The roles of a graduate student can cover anything from administrative duties to teaching a class or conducting research.  Assistantships are available through individual departments, colleges and the University administration.  To attain an assistantship, one must be enrolled in a graduate program at the University and fill in the application.

Openings for faculty, contract professionals and staff, are listed and periodically updated through the Human Resources Department.  A brief description of the job duties and qualifications needed are listed under the job title.

Jobs and careers Off Campus:

A variety of job placement opportunities and resources are available for students who wish to work off campus while in school and for graduating students who are looking for permanent employment.

The University of Akron and its colleges and departments offer many co-op and internship opportunities which allow students to gain relevant work experience, as well as firsthand knowledge about their future careers.

A current listing of opportunities for part-time off campus employment is available through the Career Center.

The Career Center provides job placement and resume editing services and hosts career fairs and other events throughout the year.