MRC Rules & Procedures


  1. Users should use only their instrument login ID to sign up on the calendar. Using their lab mates IDs to extend the NMR time is NOT allowed. In this case both accounts will be disabled.
  2. The same user cannot sign up for overnight runs on more than one instrument on the same day without approval of lab staff.
  3. If the user is not going to use the time they reserved, they should remove their reservation at least 4 hours before the beginning of their reserved time. If the reservation is not removed, the user/group will be billed for that time.
  4. The first thing a user should do when they arrive to use an instrument is to register in the log book. Be sure to note any unusual things about the instrument and its performance. Also, be sure to write your group & phone number each time you make an entry in the logbook.
  5. An overnight block of instrument time is for that purpose, not for shorter experiments. Your group will be billed for the entire period unless other arrangements are made in advance with the NMR lab staff.
  6. Users should not leave their samples at the instruments, & should not remove standard sample tubes from the instruments.


Walkup Instruments

  • 300 Mercury (Solutions) - KNCL 119
  • 300 Mercury (Solutions) - GDYR 103a
    • 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. maximum interval is 2 x 15 minute blocks
    • 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. max interval is a 2 hour block
    • 10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. overnight runs are permitted


Contact Dr. V. Dudipala to reserve extra time for specific needs


Managed Instruments


People with medical devices must remain outside the 5 gauss line.

DO NOT carry magnetic tapes/credit cards/bank cards near the magnets. Also, any metal objects such as paper clips, staples, tools, electronic equipment, gas cylinders, steel chairs and steel carts must not be carried into the NMR labs. If you notice any unusual circumstances about the instruments or if the magnet is venting gas, leave the room immediately and contact NMR Staff.


DO NOT loan your passwords or ZIP cards to anyone. You will be held responsible for any damage done by users who use your accounts.


When you first walk up to the instrument, sign the LOGBOOK before you login into the system. Any problems faced running your sample should be noted in the log book. If there is a problem with the instrumentation note it in the log book and send an e-mail to


In case of sample breakage tape a note SYSTEM DOWN to the key board and contact lab personnel immediately. The phone numbers are posted by the door.


  • Food and drinks are NOT permitted in the NMR labs.
  • Keep the work area CLEAN. DO NOT leave personal belongings, samples or trash on the desk.


  • For good LOCK & SHIMMING make up samples to a 5 cm height (approx. 0. 7mL solvent in 5mm tubes).
  • For H1, F19, P31 dissolve 5-10 mg in the solvent; for C13 use 50-60 mg to obtain a quick spectrum.
  • When you are preparing the sample, make sure the sample does not spill onto the outside of the tube. The outside of NMR tube has to be clean before you bring it to the NMR lab.
  • DO NOT come to the NMR lab with gloves used to work in your lab.
  • When you are changing the samples; gently slide the sample in/out of the sample spinner in steps. DO NOT pull or push the tube into the spinner too quickly or in one movement, as this will cause the NMR tube to break.
  • When you are done, leave the D2O standard in the magnet, and make sure that you EXIT from both VNMRJ AND the computer.
  • NEVER LEAVE your samples behind at the instrument. The lab will be cleaned continuously and any left over samples will be discarded.