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Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program at The University of Akron

The goal of the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program (COFSP) is to produce around 800 additional graduates in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields at The University of Akron. 

STEM scholars are pursing degrees in engineering, medicine, science, dentistry, pharmacy, computer design, veterinary science, and related fields. Anyone interested in teaching a STEM discipline also qualifies.

ALL STEM Scholars receive a scholarship of up to $5,200 per academic year.

It targets full-time students who would most likely not have the opportunity or desire to pursue a STEM degree, whether they are currently in high school, early college, or the present workforce.

The students who we are targeting in our recruitment efforts for this program are:

  • Students who would normally go out-of-state for a STEM degree
  • Students interested in STEM but who choose a different major
  • Non-traditional students seeking to enhance or change their career
  • Former military personnel
  • Persons working in industry
  • Populations underrepresented in the STEM disciplines
STEM Scholars are required to participate in regular advising, tutoring, socio-cultural events, community service and peer mentoring.  The program also includes participation in a Summer Institute and a strong emphasis on undergraduate research.

The program focuses on interdisciplinary studies and work that supports and expands our efforts in the bio-technology/engineering/materials corridor development for Northeast Ohio.

Apply and eligibility

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Encouraged student activities


The data collected from the assessment of the program will be used to extend and expand our excellent track record in STEM education research and STEM student graduation and job placement.

Program manual

For more information, contact:

Martha Vang, Assistant Director
Simmons Hall 301