Subject: Animal Research

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5 Minute History Lessons

A man peering down into an illuminated tray in a laboratory

James V. McConnell

James V. McConnell was an experimental psychologist who spent his career at the University of Michigan. He is best known for his work in comparative psychology and his memory transfer research flat worms. But did you know he was also a target of the Unabomber?

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Archival Films & Recordings

A white rat traversing a thin raised platform

The Intelligence of White Rats

This film footage from the 1930s shows early studies of maze learning, problem solving, and insight in white rats at the University of Berlin.

Length: 3 minutes

Originally recorded: ca. 1930s

A duckling following a wooden mallard

Eckhard Hess, Imprinting Research

This film provides an inside look at the work of Eckhard Hess, who famously replicated Konrad Lorenz's imprinting studies in a controlled laboratory setting. outdoors. Viewers see a duckling following a fabricated wooden mallard in the laboratory and outdoors.

Length: 3 minutes

Originally recorded: Undated