Learn Chinese at The University of Akron


  • Beginning Chinese I
  • Beginning Chinese II
  • Intermediate Chinese I
  • Intermediate Chinese II
  • Chinese Culture through Film
  • Chinese Conversation through Media
  • Chinese Reading and Writing
  • Chinese Composition
  • Individual Reading in Modern Language 

Proposed future initiatives

  • Chinese language instruction using a variety of instructional tools
  • Teacher preparation for universities and K-12 schools in the region
  • Educational programs, cultural and economic exchange
  • Establishment of a Chinese language testing center to promote educational, cultural and economic exchange and cooperation
  • Symposiums and seminar on Chinese culture and economic development
  • Outreach programs to communities and businesses
  • Consulting services for individuals wishing to study in China
  • Reference materials for students, educators, and other professionals

Professional Development Day for K-12 Teachers


Ohio Teachers from area K-12 schools participated in the Professional Development and Networking Conference.

Members of UA's Chinese Language Learners Club

Members of UA's Chinese Language Learners Club.

There are many benefits to studying Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the most common first language in the world. Beginning Chinese focuses on enabling the learner to converse effectively. Emphasis is placed on actually speaking the language in real-life situations, rather than on doing book work. Beginning Chinese is challenging, but the effort you put into learning this language is well worth it. Knowledgeable instructors will help you learn about Chinese culture while you are learning the language.

 The Confucius Institute creates partnership with St. Vincent-St. Mary High School


Pictured from left: Dr. Yang Lin, CI director; Dr. David Ayers, UA International Program director; Zhao Lei, CI visiting professor; David Rathz, St. Vincent-St. Mary Headmaster; and Mary Jo Chionchio, St. Vincent-St. Mary project director of Partners in Progress with The University of Akron.