Learn Chinese at The University of Akron


  • Beginning Chinese I
  • Beginning Chinese II
  • Intermediate Chinese I
  • Intermediate Chinese II
  • Chinese Culture through Film
  • Chinese Conversation through Media
  • Chinese Reading and Writing
  • Chinese Composition
  • Individual Reading in Modern Language 


Proposed future initiatives

  • Chinese language instruction using a variety of instructional tools
  • Teacher preparation for universities and K-12 schools in the region
  • Educational programs, cultural and economic exchange
  • Establishment of a Chinese language testing center to promote educational, cultural and economic exchange and cooperation
  • Symposiums and seminar on Chinese culture and economic development
  • Outreach programs to communities and businesses
  • Consulting services for individuals wishing to study in China
  • Reference materials for students, educators, and other professionals

The Confucius Institute Professional Development Day
for K-12 Teachers


Ohio Teachers from area K - 12 schools participated in the Professional Development and Networking Conference April 21, 2012