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Counseling & Psychotherapy


We are here to help

We provide free and confidential personal, career, and educational counseling for a range of concerns.

Accessing services

To access counseling services, you may make an appointment by calling 330-972-7082 or in person at Simmons Hall 306. You can usually be seen for an intake session within several days of the first contact. If you request a particular counselor, you may have a longer wait. In case of emergency, you can be seen with minimal delay.

On the day of your intake, you will need to present your UA student ID to ensure that you are a currently enrolled student.  The counselor will obtain background information from you to determine the appropriateness of services at our Center, then assign you to a counselor on staff and/or make a referral to another service on or off campus.


All communication is held in strict confidence. All identifying information, including the fact that you have visited the Counseling and Testing Center, may be released to others only at your written request. The only exception is the unusual situation in which there is clear danger to yourself or to others.


There is no charge to eligible students except for fees associated with psychological assessment and nominal fees for career and psychological tests.

Group therapy

See why group therapy might be better for you. Learn more.

Other resources Information specifically for both students (especially freshman) and parents to help students make a smooth transition to college, enhance their mental health and perform well academically

Ulifeline and HalfofUs - Information on mental health and college students

Campus Wellness - Information on wellness activities, resources, and collaborative partners

Emergency resources

Portage Path Psychiatric Emergency Services Hotline, 330-434-9144

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-8255

Rape Crisis Hotline, 330-434-7273