Graduate Programs

Master's Programs

Principalship, MA

Principalship, MS

Curriculum and Instruction

Elementary Education with Literacy Option

Curriculum & Instruction with Licensure Options (for those who do not hold a teacher's license).

  • Adolescent to Young Adult (Secondary) options
    • Integrated Social Studies
    • Integrated Language Arts
    • Integrated Mathematics
    • Life Science
    • Earth Science
    • Life and Earth Science
    • Life Science and Chemistry
    • Life Science and Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Chemistry and Physics
    • Earth Science
    • Earth Science and Chemistry
    • Earth Science and Physics
  • Multi-Age (P-12) specializations include:

    • Visual Arts

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Graduate Level Endorsements

Education-Related Program

  • School Counseling
    This program is housed in the College of Health Professions; you must be admitted to that college to enroll in this program. Contact Dr. Delila Owens for more information.