Dr. Tang teaching a graduate level course for the School of Communications.

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Communication for Educators

What is the Instructional Communication for Educators Certificate?

  • This certificate provides the discipline-relevant coursework necessary to meet the requirements to teach dual-credit speech and communication courses in high school. 
  • The certificate's 18-credit requirement also serves as a precursor toward earning a M.A. degree in our program.

Who can enroll for this certificate?

  • This certificate is intended for high school teachers seeking to teach dual-credit speech and communication courses under the College Credit Plus program.

Program details:

Students will take a combination of core courses and electives, learning to apply communication theory in their classrooms.

The program will be available online as well as face-to-face, providing a flexible option for full-time high school instructors.

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To earn your Instructional Communication for Educators certificate, you must complete 18 credit hours out of the following courses:

  Required Core Min. Credits: 6
COMM:608 Communication Pedagogy 3
COMM:600 Intro to Graduate Study in Communication 3
  Theory Set Min. Credits: 3
COMM:624 Survey of Communication Theory 3
COMM:625 Theories of Mass Communication 3
COMM:623 Applied Communication Theory 3
  Electives Min. Credits: 9
COMM:538 Health Communication 3
COMM:571 Theories of Rhetoric 3
COMM:602 Qualitative Methods in Communication 3
COMM:603 Quantitative Methods in Communication 3
COMM:606 Communication Problems in the Basic Speech Course 1
COMM:630 Communication in Organizations 3
COMM:645 Intercultural Communication Theory 3
COMM:691 Advanced Communication Studies 3
COMM:510 Crisis Communication 3
COMM:531 Risk Communication 3
COMM:540 Strategic Social Media 3
COMM:542 Social Media Metrics & Analytics 3
COMM:550 Sport Communication 3
COMM:560 Science Communication 3
COMM:541 Media Entrepreneurship 3
COMM:601 Mixed Methods of Communication Research 3
COMM:637 Training Methods in Communication 3
COMM:670 Communication Criticism 3