Graduate Certificate in Health and Crisis Communication 

The Graduate Certificate in Health and Crisis Communication prepares graduates with the skills needed to develop and implement health and crisis campaigns in organizations, and with a deeper understanding of how to use data to enhance community health. This certificate is designed for professionals with a bachelor’s degree who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills related to health messaging. Topics covered include the development of health campaigns, doctor-patient communication, risk communication, crisis management, cultural meanings of health, and medical ethics.

Careers in health and crisis communication are rapidly growing, as stakeholders increasingly are committed to developing quality messaging to build healthier communities. Graduates with a Health and Crisis Communication Certificate can pursue careers as:

  • Community Health Campaign Designers
  • Patient Advocates
  • Public Relations Specialists in Hospitals/Healthcare Settings
  • Social Media or Digital Strategists for Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales  

Certificate Information:

  • 9-credit hours that can be applied toward earning an M.A. in Strategic Communication.  
  • Open to students in any graduate program and/or post-baccalaureate professionals from any academic background. 
  • Attend full-time or part-time.  
  • All courses delivered online for flexibility. 
  • No residency requirement. 
  • Hands-on experiential learning in classes. 
  • Courses already taken can count towards this certification. 

Certificate Requirements:

  • Required Courses: 9 Credits
    • COMM:538 Health Communication
    • COMM:531 Risk Communication
    • COMM:510 Crisis Communication

To learn more about the program or how to enroll, contact:

  • Dr. Amber Ferris, associate professor and graduate coordinator in the School of Communication.
  • Graduate School Admissions: