Mandatory BCI/FBI background check

Any courses that require field hours or student teaching placement will need to get their BCI/FBI background check.

We have partnered with UA's School of Counseling to offer this service on campus, see details.

If you do your background check elsewhere use these codes:

BCI 3319 39B1 School Employees - non-teaching positions
FBI 3319 39 Public School District or Chartered Nonpublic School Employees and School Bus Drivers

Send copies of the background checks to: your HOME address and to the Ohio Department of Educations (ODE). *DO NOT send copies to The University of Akron.

If you need assistance please email:

Fingerprinting Background Check Services

The School of Counseling offers a state of the art biometric fingerprinting services for the BCI and FBI background check.

  • BCI: $39
  • FBI: $39
  • BCI & FBI: $70

What to know:

  • All fingerprinting background checks are conducted in person and by appointment only.
  • Your valid government issued photo ID (e.g., driver's license, passport) and social security number are required for your appointment.
  • Each appointment will last for approximately 15 minutes.
  • If you are a minor seeking fingerprinting background check services with us, your legal guardians' presence and consent are required for your appointment.

Schedule Your Appointment

Our fingerprinting background check services are available by appointment only.

Follow the steps to schedule your BCI and/or FBI background check appointment:

Step 1: Book your appointment

Step 2: Submit your payment


The C.P. & Cornelia Chima Family Center (First Floor): 27 S. Forge Street, Akron, OH 44325. We offer complimentary parking and ADA building accessibility.

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