Complaint Resolution Procedures

If you are visiting this site, it is likely that you have a concern that relates to your affiliation with the LeBron James Family Foundation School of Education. We want you to know that our goal in the Office of Student Services is to provide accurate and timely information, guidance and support to all LJFF SOE students.

At The University of Akron, students have certain rights and responsibilities as stated in The University of Akron Rules.  The University Rules are located at  Specific rules that provide procedures for complaints are 3359-41-01 (the Student Code of Conduct), 3359-42-01 (Student Rights and Responsibilities), 3359-11-13 (Sexual Harassment Policy) 3359-20-05 (Academic Matters and General Policies), and 3359-24-02 (Grievance Procedure for Graduate Students). Pursuant to these rights and responsibilities, the following information identifies a framework for students in the LJFF SOE to follow and a method to resolve student complaints. In many instances, students may be able to resolve their concerns through communication with a faculty member or their program adviser. The LJFF SOE has provided the framework below for students to have an informal attempt to resolve issues or concerns that may not fit within the formal University Rule processes. 

If possible, the student should request resolution of a concern or complaint at the level of occurrence. This step is often informal. For example, concerns about advising, assignments, activities, or grades should be discussed first with the individual with whom you have the concern. If resolution of the issue is not obtained at this level or if the student believes there is potential for reprisal if resolution is attempted at the level of occurrence, the student may proceed to Level 2.

If the student disagrees with the resolution offered at the level of occurrence, or if the student believes there may be reprisal and opted to not attempt resolution informally, the student may bring the concern to the director of the School of Education in which the faculty/course is housed.  At this step, it is expected that the student will provide a written complaint, which should include the nature of the complaint, the facts and circumstances relevant to the complaint, supporting evidence and documents, a proposed remedy, and what attempts were made informally or at Level 1, if any. If the student disagrees with the director's proposed resolution, proceed to Level 3.

After the Level 2 meeting with the director of the School of Education, the student may consider an appeal to the Assistant/Associate Dean when documentation and factual information provided by the student contradicts the appropriateness of the resolution of the concern at the previous level. The Assistant/Associate Dean will attempt to resolve the concern.  If the issue remains unresolved, the student may request a meeting with the Dean of the College.

If the proposed resolution at Level 3 is still viewed by the student as unacceptable, the Dean of the College will meet with the student, review the written complaint, the facts and circumstances relevant to the complaint, supporting evidence and documents, the proposed remedies, and will offer a resolution. After exhaustion of Level 4, the student may be directed by the College Dean to the Vice Provost for Academic Operations.