Dr. Sandra C. Coyner

Sandra C. Coyner Ed.D.

Educational Foundations & Leadership


Grants Funded

  1. Jensrud, Q., & Coyner, S. C. (Spring 2008). Millennial students’ perceptions of leader attribute gender neutrality. The University of Akron College of Education - $3,750.
  2. Coyner, S. C., & Moore Gardner, M. (Spring 2007). A continuing trend? Millennial characteristics in graduate students. The University of Akron College of Education - $2,475.
  3. Zachariah, S., Buser, S., Coyner, S., Forawi, S., Prieto, L. Integrating handhelds into our work.   Awarded August 2003. The University of Akron College of Education - $20,000
  4. Broadway, F. S., Coyner, S. C., Foos, A. M., McConell, D. A., & Owens, K. D. Project TIMS   (Teaching Inquiry in Mathematics and Science). Awarded September 2000. Ohio Board of Regents SUSTAIN Phase 3 - $120,000
  5. Coyner, S. C. School-to-work integration project:  A systematic professional development program. Awarded February 2000. Ohio State University Research Foundation - $9,520
  6. Coyner, S. C. & McCann, P. L. Competencies of two-year college technical instructors and technical trainers:  Similarities and differences. Awarded July 1, 2000. The University of Akron College of Education - $2,000

Grants Not Funded

  1. Mudrey-Camino, R., Coyner, S., Moore Gardner, M. NEA Grant – Development of Departmental International Student Internship/Work Study Program. Submitted to NEA Summer 2008 - $5,000
  2. Pachnowski, L., Coyner, S., Reed, C., Zhu, J. Teacher Quality Mathematics Partnership (TQMP). Submitted Fall 2003 – $2,413,931
  3. Hirschbuhl, J., Coyner, S. C., & McCann, P. L. Technology initiatives:  Connecting Teaching & Learning. Submitted Spring 2002 - $108,055