The Auburn Science and Engineering Center building for the College of Engineering and Polymer Science

About the College

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Polymer Science, where visionary minds come together to tackle the toughest challenges of our time.

Boasting more than a century of academic excellence, our institution stands at the forefront of groundbreaking research and innovation, opening doors for aspiring students to achieve success in the fields of engineering, engineering technology, computing and polymers.

Empowering our students

Empowering our students

Located in Northeast Ohio, we offer a wealth of hands-on opportunities for prospective engineers looking to prepare for their careers or advance their studies. The region is home to prominent small and large industries, along with government laboratories. This proximity allows direct access to leading professionals who collaborate with the College to teach students the practical application of theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Yet, building industry connections is just one aspect of the empowering environment we foster to help students reach their full potential. As students participate in our renowned academic programs, engage with our design teams, or take advantage of our paid co-op opportunities, they can expect personalized support from our esteemed faculty and staff members. These experts aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed, confident that the next generation will become leaders in their respective fields.

A setting for success

A setting for success

As a premier institution in engineering and polymer science, we take pride in our ability to provide a setting for students to achieve their goals, and we remain committed to ensuring their success, both now and in the future. To accomplish this, we prioritize the professional development of our faculty and staff members, keeping them up to date with the latest knowledge. By doing so, we enable them to impart the same to our students, enhancing their overall learning experience and contributing to their growth.

Making a difference

Making a difference

Upon successful completion of their studies, all students are welcomed into our prestigious international alumni network, which boasts a membership of over 27,636 accomplished engineers, mathematicians and scientists. Working alongside our industry partners, this network is steadfastly committed to creating positive change on a global scale.

It is the driving force behind our remarkable progress, which has placed #UAkronEngineering in a position to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. We invite you to embark with us on this journey of endless possibilities, where unwavering support fuels the spirit of innovation and discovery.

Together, we will make a difference that reaches far beyond the classroom.


Auburn Science and Engineering Center
302 Buchtel Common
Akron, OH 44325-3901

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