Dr. Robert Veillette

Dr. Robert Veillette

Title: Interim Department Chair and Associate Professor
Dept/Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: ASEC 457
Phone: 330-972-5403
Fax: 330-972-6487
Email: veillette@uakron.edu



Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1990

M.S., Clemson University, 1985

B.S.E.E. (summa cum laude), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1982


 The University of Akron, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor, 1990 - 1995

Associate Professor, 1995 - present


College of Engineering Chemstress Outstanding Teacher Award, 1999.

NASA Certificate of Recognition for “Quantification of Gear Tooth Damage by Optimal Tracking of Vibration Signatures,” October 1997.

NASA/OAI Collaborative Aerospace Research Fellowship, 1993.

NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship, 1991, 1992.


Member:                       IEEE Control Systems Society, 1990 - present
                                    IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, 1992 - present
                                    ASEE, 1991-present

Reviewer:                      AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics
                                    ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control
                                    ASME Journal of Tribology
                                    Asian Journal of Control
                                    Control and Cybernetics
                                    European Journal of Control
                                    IEE Proceedings – Control Theory and Applications
                                    IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
                                    IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
                                    IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
                                    IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology
                                    IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
                                    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
                                    IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
                                    International Journal of Control
                                    International Journal of Electronics
                                    International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control
                                    International Journal of System Science
                                    Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications
                                    Optimal Control Applications and Methods
                                    SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics

Research Accomplishments


Robust and reliable control theory, Control of electromechanical systems, Sensor and actuator electronics


J. Zhe, J. E. Carletta, and R. J. Veillette, “A High Throughput Microfluidic Sensor for Real Time Health Monitoring of Rotating Machinery,” $270,000 from National Science Foundation, Spring 2010.

J. E. Carletta, K.-S. Lee, and R. J. Veillette, “Absolute Magnetic Encoder Commercialization,” $313,140 from Avtron, Spring 2010.

S. I. Hariharan and R. J. Veillette, “Polarimetric system modeling,” $35,000 from Lockheed Martin, Fall 2007.

I. Husain, J. E. Carletta, and R. J. Veillette, “Electromagnetic design and controllers for switch reluctance machines,” $161,882 from SPM Group, Fall 2007.

R. J. Veillette, M. E. Elbuluk, and I. Husain, “Solectria E-10 Conversion to Plug-in Hybrid, Phase I,” $19,581 from FirstEnergy Service Co., Fall 2005.

I. Husain, N. Ida and R. J. Veillette, “Harmonic Motors for Electromechanical Brakes and Actuators,” $111,221 from Ohio Aerospace Institute, Fall 2005.

J. E. Carletta and R. J. Veillette, “Reconfigurable computing for real-time control systems,” $201,910 from National Science Foundation, 2001.

M. J. Braun, F. K. Choy, N. Ida, J. Padovan, and R. J. Veillette (consortium including The University of Toledo, The University of Akron, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, and The Ohio State University), “University Laboratories in Tribology Research and Applications (ULTRA),” The Ohio Board of Regents Investment Fund Competition, $350,000 from OBR for U. of A. involvement, 1996.

R. J. Veillette, “Controllable tilting-pad bearing prototype,” $3,407 University of Akron Faculty Research Grant, 1996.

R. G. Huff, F. K. Choy, R. J. Veillette, and M. J. Braun, “Application of Acoustic Sensors for Rotorcraft Gearbox Health Monitoring and Diagnostics,” $69,457 DOD SBIR Phase I Grant, 1995.

R. J. Veillette, J. A. DeAbreu, T. T. Hartley, “Feasibility Study for a High-Speed Weighing System,” $2,000 from Eveready Battery Company, Westlake, OH, Spring 1994.

T. T. Hartley, J. A. DeAbreu, and R. J. Veillette, “Applications of Advanced Control Computing,” $30,000 hardware donation from Integrated Systems, Inc., January 1991.



L. Du, J. Zhe, J. E. Carletta, and R. J. Veillette, “Real-time monitoring of wear debris in lubrication oil using a microfluidic inductive Coulter counting device,” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, to appear.

L. Du, J. Zhe, J. E. Carletta, and R. J. Veillette, “Inductive coulter counting: detection and differentiation of metal wear particles in lubricant,” Smart Materials and Structures, to appear.

S. M. N. Hasan, I. Husain, J. E. Carletta, and R. J. Veillette, “A PM brushless DC starter/generator system for series-parallel 2x2 hybrid electric vehicle,” IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, to appear.

S. M. N. Hasan, I. Husain, R. J. Veillette, and J. E. Carletta, “Power generation in series mode,” IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 12-21, March 2010.

J. L. Adams, T. T. Hartley, and R. J. Veillette, “Hankel-norm estimation for fractional-order systems using the Rayleigh-Ritz method,” Computers and Mathematics with Applications, October 2009.

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R. J. Veillette, “Electromechanically Controlled Load Cell,” U.S. Patent No. 5,850,057, December 15, 1998.


Casey Bakula, in progress.

Jay L. Adams, “Hankel Operators for Fractional-Order Systems,” August 2009.  (Co-advisor with T. Hartley)

Daniel C. Deckler, “Modeling and Feedback Control of a Tilting-Pad Journal Bearing,” December 2002.

Yan Wu, “Numerical Simulation and Wavelet-Based Control of Coupled Lorenz Systems,” December 2000.  (Co-advisor with D. Mugler)

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Sang-Woo Nam, “Design of Reduced-order and Decentralized Controllers for Large-scale Systems,” December 1993.


Dileep Reddy Desai, “Analog Non-linear Multi-variable Function Evaluation by Piece-wise Linear Approximation,” August 2010.  (Co-advisor with J. E. Carletta)

Madhu Latha Reddy Vatte, “Readout Circuitry for a Logarithmic CMOS Active Pixel Sensor that Facilitates High Speed Image Processing,” August 2010.  (Co-advisor with J. E. Carletta)

Pradeep Namburu, “A Temperature-insensitive Gate-controlled Weighted Current Digital-to-analog Converter,” May 2010.

Yang Wang, “Modeling of Ultracapacitor Short-term and Long-term Dynamic Behavior, July 2008.  (Co-advisor with J. Carletta and T. Hartley)

Jerry M. Menasian, “A Switched-mode Charge Feedback Control Implementation for Linear Operation of a Piezoelectric Stack Actuator,” December 2007.

Nathan M. Picot, “A Strategy to Blend Series and Parallel Modes of Operation in a Series-Parallel 2-by-2 Hybrid Diesel/Electric Vehicle,” December 2007.

Praveen Medisetti, “Real-Time Simulation and Hardware-In-Loop Testing of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control System,” May 2007.  (Co-advisor with I. Husain)

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Frederick W. Krach, "Design and Implementation of FPGA-based Control Using Digital Redesign for a Magnetic Bearing Application," May 2003.  (Co-Advisor with J. Carletta)

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Arvind Srinivasan, “Projective Control Design for Multi-zone Crystal Growth Furnace,” December 1993.  (Co-Advisor with C. Batur)

Brian R. Holowecky, “A Parameter Optimization Approach to Controller Partitioning Based on the Frobenius-Hankel Norm,” December 1992.  (Co-Advisor with P. Schmidt)


B.S. EE, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1982; M.S. EE, Clemson University, 1985; Ph.D. EE, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1990.



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