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Surveying and Mapping Bachelor’s Degree

The University of Akron’s surveying program prepares students for technical and professional careers in surveying.

Students learn how to manage geospatial data using laser scanning, drones, precise satellite positioning, ground penetrating radar, and robotics. They are taught by  faculty who are professional surveyors and expert practitioners on how to apply  math, law, and map design to solve challenging boundary evidence problems.

Degree Highlights

  • 97% of our engineering students learn through experience. Our famed co-op program, one of the oldest in the country, provides students with paid, flexible, industry experience.  
  • The program meets the professional surveyor license academic requirement for Ohio and nearly all 50 states.
  • Our design teams rank among the best in the nation and world. In 2019, a team of surveying and mapping students won first place in the National Society of Professional Surveyors 18th Annual Student Competition.


Admission Requirements

All students who meet the minimum requirements for admittance into The University of Akron and intend to major in surveying and mapping are accepted into the College.

If you are coming directly from high school, your high school records determine which first semester classes are right for you.

Career Opportunities

Surveyors collect field data and verify its accuracy, map features and contours for land development or roadway projects, and act as translators to interpret engineering design plans in placing line and grade stakes for new construction.

University of Akron graduates of our B.S. Surveying and Mapping program are in high demand. They work for surveying and engineering consulting firms, federal, state, and local governments, construction firms, and energy and public utilities companies.

Earn more in your career with a UA degree.

Mikaela Mroczkowski, Project Manager, Davey Resource Group

Student spotlight

Mikaela Mroczkowski, Project Manager, Davey Resource Group

“The surveying program, national student competition, and co-op experiences have helped me to successfully build my career by gaining the knowledge to take my degree to next level. I am on my way to becoming a licensed professional surveyor.”

—Mikaela Mroczkowski, Project Manager, Davey Resource Group

Curriculum Guide & Courses


The BS in Surveying and Mapping program is accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and Program Criteria for Surveying, Geomatics and Similarly Named Programs. The program has specific educational objectives and student outcomes that prepare graduates to enter the professional practice of engineering.

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